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Take a Look at the Best Places to Visit in Tangier
19 Sep 2019

Situated in the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is among the most popular places in Morocco. Perhaps the popularity of the port lies in its strategic location as it is placed between the European and African continent such that it acts as a gateway to the various places.

Tangier and its rich History

Quite naturally, due to its strategic location, it has always held a special position since history and has soaked in the cultures of both sides very well. Today Tangier is known for its whitewashed hill sides, it’s museums that are home to thousands of Moroccan artifacts, its several lavish cafes and of course most importantly the Dar el Makhzen palace that was once home to the rich sultans. The palace that has been now turned into a museum still speaks abundantly about its opulent past under the Sultans.

It may be justly said that with so many good things in one single place, Tangier is among the top places to visit in Morocco.

Places to Visit in Tangier

There are just too many good places to visit while in Tangier and it often becomes a difficult choice for tourists who only have limited time in their hands to make proper choices. Sometimes in a bid to catch all of them, tourists fail to enjoy their trip as they are constantly in a mad rush to go from one place to another.

To ease out this problem and to ensure that you get to make the most out of your holidays in Morocco here is an insider’s guide on some of the best places that you can visit during your trip. So let the countdowns begin:

  • Caves of Hercules: If you are a lover of ancient legends or of nature’s beauty, this place is just for you. The cave is named after Hercules as he is said to have rested here during his labor. The most interesting feature of the cave is perhaps the opening that is shaped much like the African continent and gives you a great view of the sea.
  • Cape Spartel: Located just above the caves of Hercules is the Cape Sportal which is an ancient promontory about a thousand feet above the sea level. It is the northernmost point of mainland Africa and gives you an interesting view of the Strait.
  • Dar el Makhzen: The ancient and grand Dar el Makhzen is a place that you definitely cannot afford to miss out during your trip to Tangier. Home to the rich sultans that once ruled over the entire region, these palaces will take you back to your favorite Arabian night stories.
  • Explore the cafes: The cafes of Tangier have made a special name among the tourist of the region. You can enjoy your authentic Moroccan meal over here, a rich fusion of tastes that is hard to forget.

Tangier is well connected to the other important Moroccan cities as well such as the Casablanca from where regular trains plying to and fro.

So plan out your holiday to Tangier today!

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