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Gift yourself the never ending charm of Tibet Travel
27 Sep 2019

Nepal is a country nestled in The Himalayas, sharing its borders with both Tibet of China and India. It is quite convenient to go to Nepal from both countries if you take a flight. Nepal is also accessible through flights from countries other than these two. While traveling to Tibet, you can always explore Nepal first and then advance towards Tibet. That way you can cover both the countries at once. What more, you can also include other parts of China in your travel plan if you have much needed time. It will be a bonus for you as you get to see yet another country along with these two. In common man’s parlance, it can be interpreted as ‘the more, the merrier.’


Overland travel route from Nepal to Tibet


It is best to travel through agencies while taking the way through the rough terrain of the mountains. The road will go through the Gyirong border and also the base camp of Mt Everest. The distance between Kathmandu and Lhasa is about 1120 km and is a drive of approximately 25 hours. It usually takes about a week to complete this journey from Nepal to Tibet . You will be witnessing some of the scintillating landscapes like Shigatse and Gyantse, the Yamdrok Lake, Manak Dam Lake and the Karola Glacier traveling on this route. Undertaking this journey is no less than any adventure.


Preparations for the trip


If you are coming to Nepal from any other country, you need a visa for Nepal. After that, you need a series of permits to get to Tibet. It is highly recommended that you take the help of a reputed travel company to arrange your Tibet Travel permits. Also, you need to intimate them well in advance, giving them your detailed itinerary. You must obtain a Group Chinese Visa for your journey to Tibet. The Chinese Embassy in Nepal grants this. Aliens’ Travel Permit and Frontier Pass are needed when the trip includes the Mt Everest region. Some other things that you may need are warm clothes and medicines for altitude sickness.


 Tibet – A Bliss


Every step you take towards Tibet from the highway, the closer it gets to nature. For the adventurous soul in you, the sights and sounds all through the way will be pure bliss. The valleys, the gorges, the waterfalls, and mountain passes will be mesmerizing you all along. You may feel a little nauseous due to the lack of oxygen, but you definitely won’t feel the need to retreat once you have started this fantastic journey. Choosing the best Tibet travelagency will make the trip unforgettable for and your folks.


Enthrall yourself


Tibet is an unconventional choice for any traveler but is an incredible journey, no doubt. You must visit this place once in your lifetime, and you will not regret it. The verdant valleys, clear blue lakes, tall mountains, and enriched Buddhist culture, it is not to be missed. You may get Tibetan goods and things in other hill stations, but you will not get the same vibe elsewhere. Exploring this heavenly abode will give you a new perspective to your idea of travel. As the Tibetan proverb goes, ‘If I know I will die tomorrow, I can still learn something tonight.’ Tibet is that kind of an experience for you.

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