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AIR 2010 - Bridgewater High School, Tasmania
12 Oct 2011
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AIR is an artist in residence program developed by arts@work in partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts.

In May 2008, the Australian Government announced that $5.2 million over four years would be made available for artists to work in partnership with teachers in bringing the benefits of creative practice to Australian students in schools and universities.

The AIR program objectives are to provide pathways for artists to connect their practice to young people and for artists to inspire, re-connect or introduce teachers to new ideas and approaches. It offers students, staff and the school community, exposure to professional artists and their work and the chance to learn specialised skills through both watching and working with the artists.

Successful artists undertake a program of professional development that supports their residency, including a schools induction, supervision and support from appointed school staff, access to other artists working in similar settings and an artistic mentorship to support their development in tandem with their residency program.

This short film features students from Bridgewater High School, Tasmania.

Artist in residence - Andy Vagg Andy Vagg is a visual artist whose art practice utilises post-consumer materials to build arts works, objects and installations from waste. He is the curator of Art From Trash and is the Education Officer for the Resources Work Cooperative.

Andy collaborated with students from Bridgewater High School to make artworks from materials used by students and staff at the school.

Andy's mentor was furniture designer and artist, Richard Skinner.

For more information, visit: http://www.arts.tas.gov.au

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