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How to choose the correct air compressor hose
30 Oct 2019

It is always important to get yourself a good quality Air Compressor Hose. You have to make sure that it has a stable pressure and is sealed tightly and also its power output should be consistent. Since there are a wide range and variety of air compressor hose in the market, you may find it difficult to decide the right one. No matter you are a professional or home compressor user, you will need to choose the one on which you can depend more so as to get the most out of it.

Here you will find the ultimate guide to find the right compressor hose and the things you need to consider before making an investment.

When to replace the hose

Well, you have two important reasons to consider replacing the hose. The first one is you have to look for a hose so that you can make the most out of it by using different tools. The second reason is, a defect present in the existing hose system which is why you would want to replace it.

Choosing the right one

You are most likely to find a huge range and variety of hoses that you can buy. But making the right choice can seem to be difficult. But considering the factors below can make your choice easier. They are-

1. Length of the hose- It is essential to consider the length of the hose because it will affect the functioning of the tools. A longer hose is to be avoided because not only it will be heavy or bulky but also much pressure will be get lost. You should aim for choosing a hose whose is length is able to balance the loss of pressure and also maneuverability with the tools. Some of the standard hoses have connectors that enable you to join one Air Compressor Hose to another. This way you can increase the length whenever needed and pressure will also remain under control.

2. Diameter of the hose- If the diameter of the hose is large then its capacity to hold air will be more. The diameter of the external part depends mostly on the quality of the air hose and also it's material.  The diameter of the hose is also more likely to affect the weight of the hose. If the requirement of CFM of the air tool is high then you will need a hose with a large diameter.

3. Material of the hose- The material of a hose mostly affects its weight and flexibility, performance and if it is long-lasting or not. You can choose between PVC, rubber or polyurethane. Each of them has different durability, flexibility, weight, application, price, etc.

Choosing between a Recoil hose or a standard one is just a matter of preference whether you want to use it for Oil & Gas Piping or for any other use. Both of them can be stored easily by wrapping. The standard hose and the recoil hose shrinks whenever you let go of it. Considering these factors will make your job easy.

Air Compressor Hose Oil & Gas Piping
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