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Getting The Turkish Citizenship By Investment Programs Is Much Easier
31 Oct 2019

The geographical location of Turkey provides several advantages to this country from a trade and business point of view. This country is one of the members of the European Union, which have their own benefits. The nation is one of the most progressive countries in the zone that provide ample opportunities for foreign nationals to invest and enjoy the citizenship of the country. Thanks to the policies of the government, that offers accessible investment opportunities. These are again associated with a residence permit. The validity of the permit varies from two to eight years. It can extend to permanent citizenship when they offer Turkish citizenship by investment program.

Where To Make Investment To Get Turkish Citizenship

Open market urged by the government policies and economic reforms, which have witnessed the privatization of public sector companies and enhanced self-dependency, makes the country an attractive place to invest for foreigners. New regulations allow different categories of investment for foreign nationals to get Turkish citizenship. 

  • Capital investments
  • Venture capital investment
  • Establish a business with at least 50 Turkish Employees.
  • Government debt instruments and other categories.

The next thing that hovers your mind is the information about which sector is the most attractive and give you maximum gain by investing. Well, Turkey has got the 13th largest economy in the world and is leading in many areas. The majority of its industries are based on agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing of machinery and transport equipment. However, the real estate sector of the country is the most promising destination for investment for foreign nationals to get Turkish citizenship. It can be 

achieved by either investing in Turkish real estate companies or by establishing your own.

 Essential Points To Know About The Program

Turkish citizenship by investment program is regulated by Foreign Investor Citizenship Application Special joint office (FICO) under the Ministry of the interior. Currently, the offices of this agency are situated in Istanbul and Ankara. Following are the lower cap of investment, as per new policy, to get residence permit or citizenship of Turkey.

  • Property investment of 250000 USD (earlier it was 500000 USD)
  • Establish or buy a company worth of capital of 500000 USD.
  • Make a deposit of 500000 USD in government-run state banks or state investment instruments, which you cannot withdraw before three years.

Important Restrictions for an Investment in Real Estate

  • The lower cap of investment in real estate to qualify for citizenship is 250000 USD. However, some restrictions apply on you as an applicant as mentioned below-
  • At least for three years - the purchased property remains with you and cannot be sold.
  • To determine the amount to qualify, the mortgage will be deducted from the sales amount.
  • The value in the deed is equal to or more, than the amount listed in the valuation document.
  • You must show the bank receipt which mentions the transfer of the sale price.
  • The registration of the property should be on your name.
  • The real estate property must have been purchased after 1st December 2017.

If you have some capital and an idea of business, you can get the citizenship of one the most favorite destination in the world, Turkey.

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