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Get South Florida Windows And Doors For Protection Against Hurricanes
1 Nov 2019

If you live in South Florida, you are probably familiar with how often hurricanes hit the area. You are also familiar with the kind of damage they can cause, where the water and wind can seep in through the rims of the window and cause damage on the inside. A lot of times the glass can break and cause a lot of damage to the interior of the house.

One of the best solutions is to impact windows and doors. With the kind of material used in impact windows and doors, your South Florida Windows And Doors will be upgraded to be able to resist all kinds of weathering and damaging aspects of bad weather conditions. It is made so that no rain or wind can come in, that is it heat resistant and so that it is completely unbreakable.

What is it made of?

Impact-resistant glass is the main material behind making a window or door impact-resistant. These glasses are fused together with the help of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl acetate. These glasses are then attached to heavy-duty frames and add a surface membrane to cover the window glass, so that it is more shatter-resistant, and you are all set!

Reasons you should buy them

Regions that are prone to very strong winds, hurricanes, and bad weather conditions, in general, can benefit a lot from impact-resistant windows and doors. This is because it not only keeps all the elements of bad weather out, including strong sunshine, but it also acts as an anti-intruder glass. This is because of how shatter resistant the glass is, so any burglar who tries to break into your house via the glass windows or doors will fail to do so.

There is also another benefit related to the weather. In regions with bad weather and high humidity, the furnishing, drapes and so on tend to fade away faster than in other areas. Since impact-resistant glasses keep out heat and rain, your home interior will last a lot longer and look new for a longer period of time!

How impact windows can protect your home in a storm

For people with experience with bad storms and hurricanes, you already be familiar with this knowledge: total home destruction is often caused by sudden pressure changes when the windows and doors blow out entirely. Increased air pressure can even blow off the roof and collapse walls. Impact windows serve to keep the structural integrity of your home, not just preventing water from coming in. Since they are made with strong frames, they prevent these pressure changes.


The Impact Windows Delray Beach is something you should invest in if your region is prone to storms and hurricanes, where the initial costs of prevention are nothing compared to the costs of having to repair the damage and destruction. They are known to reduce homeowners’ insurance rates because of this. There are other aspects to these windows that you should definitely call your local hurricane-resistant window store and ask about.

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