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Some Important Information about Conveyor System and Wire Belt Conveyor
15 Nov 2019

The conveyor system is designed for moving any large amount of materials quickly. This conveyor system is the most used thing in the food industry. In the mechanical conveyor system, bulk materials are moved from one point to another point easily. In this system, the products are moved from the belts to buckets and also to the trays. For making any food item and then for packaging - this process is important most common. With the help of manual labor, things can be moved – but it takes a long time for completion. The conveyor system is better and faster. It is also very safe as this works without any loss. This system can be installed anywhere and also adjusted accordingly the products weight, sizes, and shapes. There are many types of conveyors available like silicon belts, slat chains, polyester mesh belts, Wire Belt Conveyors, etc. 

The conveyor is used in various ways –

  • It is used for moving any raw materials into another storage device.
  • These belts are used to transport the raw materials into the line of production for mixing.
  • After the production procedure is done, it transports the food to the packaging line. 
  • Completing the packaging the products reach the shipping department via the conveyor. 

There are some tips to select the conveyor system –

You need to choose the right system according to your needs. There are various types of conveyor systems and they are used for different reasons. So there are some points which you should keep in mind while selecting the system for your business:

1. You need to think about the purpose. What are the materials that you want to transport through the conveyor system? For example – any raw material, materials that have moisture, dust material or any other types that need a belt system for transportation. The different types need different conveyors. So you must fix your needs.

2. The place these materials are to be moved to.  For example – when you are into burger making, the material will move to the Bakery Mixer. You may need to convey it to the packaging area. So you need to choose according to the place where you want the system to move to.

3. Think about how the materials will convey? Horizontally, vertically or any other way.

4. Look about the speed of the conveyor. The rate and speed of the conveyor are important for the food industry.

You must also think about sanitary. You must take into consideration a few things prior to setting up your business in the food industry. 

Importance of Wire belt conveyor

The Wire Belts Conveyor is mostly used in the food industry for a few reasons. Wire belts are preferable because they are strong, durable and also very reliable. These help to improve productivity and also maintain quality. Wire belt gives you the largest open-mesh area. This helps to improve the coating, cooling, heating, and other applications. 

This is very easy to clean and maintain.  The mass of the belt is very low. So there is reduced power consumption. This helps to lower the operating cost. It absorbs less heat during production. So it is easy to handle. You must find the best providers for such a conveyor system and then start the process of installation.

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