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Online Shopping In Bangladesh
24 Nov 2019

Bangladesh, estimated 163,676,617 people and rising; creates vast growing economy which leads to growing consumer pool each day. This increasing buying capacity directs to possibilities towards higher industry growth. Nowadays E-Commerce becomes one of the fastest expanding industries in Bangladesh and even the future is assumable. According to financial services expert Morgan Stanley, 2016’ E-commerce which was approximately 10 billion will grow in about 1 trillion 4 hundred billion in 2020.


Digitalization Campaign by Bangladesh Govt. raising active internet users from every corner of the country every day. The total number of internet users now stands at 98.14 million according to report published in Dhaka Tribune on September 22nd, 2019 and total number of Mobile internet subscribers was 162.583 million in August 2019 which makes Bangladesh, the 9th in the highest number of internet users ranking 2019. These active users use internet for day to day general shopping & Services such as from ordering a pizza or ticket booking but also online line banking and even taking online health care services. This is the main reason that for World top online services from Daraz Shopping to Ubar Transportation setting foot in our country to acquire this expandable market.

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Even If we talk about Bangladesh Startups Apnare.com which started its journey more than years now with its fastest growing popularity, it would be the best example of growing online service business in Bangladesh to uplift from daily online shopping experiences providing number of product selection from every category including leather items, dresses, fashion & beauty, electronics and memory cards, SSD, analog watches,electric trimmer, personal care ,Mobiles and more adding each week at an affordable price in Bangladesh Market. This online generation of the country will be the follow for coming generations online consumer. It has been shown in research that mobile internet users are 10 times higher than Computer internet users. Not only the Internet penetration and new generation of network connectivity have also become a fact for online users to shift from Desktop Computer to Mobile but also the availability of cheaper smart mobile and diversified mobile app creating bridge for these active users to reachout to these online business for their required service.

The E-commerce service providers offer various lucrative advertisements and some of these are only based and offred to app-based users and AI search and customization based applications also provides their best capabilities to app user which also enhance the user experience. The E-commerce also provides hands of reviews of various mobile phones, electronic gadgets nad other products such as lather items and personal care products through its blog and social media platforms which gives idea of the product before you buy it. Specially for Mobile devices it offers hands on and performance information to the potential user including price of the mobile phone, its warranty. It is also the same for other electronic gadgets like headphones, Powerbanks, Cameras etc.


So in the future of of E-commerce business possibility of delivering product at home as early as possible can be achieved with drones which will cut the logistic cost and time of delivery but in the meantime Bangladeshi E-commerce business working with online transportation business to deliver  products to the users even local postal office is engaged in such service to complete E-commerce activity with full cooperation to reach rural places and distinct corner of the country. Bangladesh postal is also upgrading their web interface to help the E-commerce marge easily.


There is a great chance to prosper in online E-commerce business in Bangladesh for the reason that the country's growing economy and vast consumers pool that have been engaged in online shopping and services offered by digital E-commerce in Bangladesh. This is the indication of future online based business integration and shopping facility at your doorstep.



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