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Importance of Ayurveda in solving Sexual Problems
11 Dec 2019

Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic, mind-body approach to health. It is an ancient medicine that originated thousands of years ago in India. This medicine uses a combined approach of herbal compounds, dietary guidelines, and physical exercises. It seeks to address the spiritual and social components of a person’s well-being in addition to their physical health.

Vajikarana or Vrishya chikitsa is a speciality of Ayurvedic medicine concerned with aphrodisiacs, virility, and improving the health of progeny. There are 100's of different sexual formulations used for vajikaran. Charak Samhita mentions that by proper use of these sexual formulations, one acquires good physique, potency, strength, and complexion and sexually exhilarated and sexually potent. It is helpful in common sexual dysfunctions like Infertility, Premature Ejaculation, and Erectile dysfunction. The therapy involves living in strict compliance with the directions mentioned in Ayurvedic classics.

Various procedures that are advised by Ayurvedic practitioners are

§  Body cleansing like Panchakarma

§  Nourishing Self-oil massage (Abhyanga) before bath

§  Other non-medicinal strategies like sexual health practices, behavior

§  Healthy diet.

§  Proper sleep and rest

§  Take enough protein like dairy products- whole milk, cottage cheese (paneer), yoghurt (dahi), beans and lentils,

§  Certain individualized herbal and herbo-mineral combinations are administered as per the nature of a person according to the Ayurveda.

§  Holistic practitioners’ advices Yoga as a way to improve your mental stamina and get rid of stress. Yoga along with sexual supplements treat various sexual issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction in a comprehensive way. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Swarna Bhasma, Kesar help in increasing sexual desire and potency.

The Bottom Line

A thriving sex life depends on trust and connection between the partners. Give time to each other to express each other’s feelings, talk about what turns you and off. Enjoy quiet time together. Do meditation and yoga together. Foreplay starts not in the bedroom but with all the feelings and conversation you share together.

There are many limitations of using these therapy like lack of scientific studies, possibilities of adulteration in the herbal and sexual supplements available in the market and possibilities of unexpected side-effects etc. It is important to buy reliable and genuine products. It’s still important to communicate with your doctor about your chosen method of sexual problems treatment so that your sexual health can continue to improve. We can help you, and you can buy Sexual wellness products online India at Ayurzones.com

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