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Pick By Vision- Making Warehouse Operation Fast, Reliable & Environmental Friendly
24 Dec 2019
As far as the environment is concerned, we should make use of resources in the most efficient way so as to save the environment for the future! According to the survey, worldwide use of paper has risen by 400% in the last 4 years. This percentage is increasing at a rapid rate. Making 1 tonne of paper emits more than 1.5 tons of CO2 equivalent. Whereas many warehouses still support paper-based picking which not only harms the environment but is also facing difficulties to fulfill the rising demands of e-commerce, which leads to low productivity and less efficiency of the whole value chain.
As an era of development and Industry4.0, picking methods in various to has been upgraded in which one of them is, Vision picking technology which is now built on augmented reality. AR technology combines computer-generated assets with real-world warehouse environments, thus providing the operator with valuable insights that help to optimize the supply chain operations. Collaborating with this technology helps to reduce carbon footprints and support different types of picking such as batch picking and zone picking in the warehouse.
Benefits of pick by vision are listed below:
Operational Visibility: User position can be accurately detected through-out the warehouse
Low Operational Complexity: Minimal training time required for operators
Paperless Picking: Optical picking instructions replace paper, visual (lights) or voice-based directions
Real-Time Inventory: Real-time updation of inventory by continuously tracking lots & serial numbers
High Accuracy: 100% error-free picking improves quality control
High Scalability: Applicable in every warehouse without structural changes or other modifications
The next Generation Vision Picking glasses for your warehouse adds productivity and efficiency to the whole supply chain. Pick by vision smart glasses comprises of an integrated navigation system which guides the operator and also provides the shortest travel path to reach the destination. Integrated camera in vision picking glasses optically displays order information providing the source and target locations. Smart glasses are connected with an existing network for real-time inventory management and updation with the stocks accordingly. It fits for the requirement of every warehouse enabling workflow improvement and process optimization.
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