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Commercial Concrete Repair: The Basics Explained
26 Dec 2019

Poor quality concrete surfaces and structures can cause all kinds of headaches for business. Crumbling concrete steps can become serious trip hazards soon after problems are first noticed. Unkempt parking lots look bad and may have degraded load-bearing capacities. Cracked walls and sidewalks simply look bad and aren't going to do anyone any favors when it comes to attracting new business. Commercial concrete repair should be able to fix all of these problems - and many more - in a faster, cleaner, and usually much cheaper - manner compared to concrete replacement. Here are the basics that anyone suffering problems with their commercial concrete surfaces needs to know.


Professional Concrete Repair Looks As Good As New

Long gone are the days when concrete repair simply meant 'filling in the cracks'. Modern expansive foam injection works beneath the surface to address underlying instability. It'll expand as it is applied in a way that'll substantially strengthen the undersoil - leaving a much more durable weight-bearing capacity. One of the best aspects of this treatment is that the foam will get everywhere it is needed through that natural expansion. Your professional concrete repair team will identify the faults and apply the mixture with care to ensure that your surfaces and structures are both safe and sturdy. Once this stage is completed they'll perform aesthetic touch-ups to ensure that new concrete looks fantastic.


Worried About Downtime? That's Not An Issue

Tearing out and completely replacing a concrete surface or structure is incredibly disruptive. Even if your commercial premises can continue to stay open while the work is being performed, chances are that it'll impact upon efficiency and that dust and noise will drive more than a few customers away. Commercial concrete repair is far less disruptive - and usually requires only a couple of vehicles at most with a skeleton crew. As 90% of the work is performed beneath the surface you'll barely notice the work is being carried out, and the fast-drying materials makes it simple to work around the team while they perform their repairs. If you need to keep your business open as usual and want to minimize or entirely eliminate disruption then concrete repair is always the best choice.


Repair Is Far Cheaper & Delivers Equally Dependable Results


Just because concrete is damaged does not mean that it's beyond repair. Professional commercial concrete repair services will perform an assessment of the affected areas and decide what kind of work is going to provide the best long term solution. This survey will go to considerable lengths to identify all issues so they can be addressed within a single project/application. After all, there's no point in repairing just one problem and ignoring others. Thanks to the efficiency of this repair process, the fact that it does not require leasing/using heavy vehicles or involve the purchase of new (environmentally damaging) concrete slabs, repair work will consistently cost far less compared to replacement. When the results are just as good then choosing to repair your commercial concrete is as straightforward as any business decision can get.

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