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Reasons for Skin Diseases
10 Jan 2020

According to ancient science Ayurvedic medicine, skin diseases are the result of toxins in the blood that are produced due to the improper functioning of lungs, liver, etc. This is called rakta dosha in Ayurveda. Some other acute skin infections happen due to contact dermatitis as a result of contact with jewelry, which has nickel or insect bites, infections of the cut wound.

Common Skin Diseases

§  Acne

§  Eczema

§  Dermatitis

§  Psoriasis

Treatment of Skin Diseases

  • Limit food like alcohol, junk food, which imbalances rakta dhatu. 
  • Stay away from negative emotions. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, pitta-dominant individuals experience more skin diseases than vatas or kaphas. The reason behind this is pitta tends to overheat the blood.
  • Ayurveda also prescribes bloodletting (rakta moksha)—a panchakarma treatment—as a way of decreasing rakta dhatu.
  • Ayurvedic Medicine herbs gotu kola, guduchi, manjistha, neem, and turmeric. Blood-purifying herbs are best taken in warm weather when pitta is rising or any time heat symptoms worsen. Don’t use more than two to three months at a time. Especially, avoid during pregnancy or when Vata is high or consult your doctor before taking in herbs.
  • Aloe juice or gel has both cleansing and rejuvenating qualities and is safe to use. Take two tablespoons one to three times a day for six to eight weeks for blood purification.
  • You can use turmeric both topically and systematically.
  • Reduce oil in cooking if you are prone to acne. Try to avoid touching acne as it spreads infection.
  • Take lots of water to flush the toxins.


Ayurvedic medicine is the best for curing skin diseases as it is natural with no side-effects. It has both topical creams and lotions and blood purifier to cure skin diseases.Try some of our amazing natural skin care products from our website Ayurzones.com.

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