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7 Food Habits that Impact Weight Gain
17 Jan 2020

Our ancient Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner said it rightly that “You are what you eat”. It takes 21 days to change a habit. Let me give you an example; imagine you step in a cafeteria with a friend  and you ordered regular coffee but as a habit you ordered a sugar laden yummy choco chip cookie to end the treat. This becomes a habit every time to enter the cafeteria. This is a habit you could not kick.

So try not to do repeat these habits to stay in shape in 2020.

1.    Eating while sitting in front of TV

While you are watching Television and enjoying your favourite program, you tend to eat continuously and end up with a larger meal.

2.    Loss of sleep

If you are awake at night like an owl than it leads to hunger pangs and binge eating.Proper and sound sleep helps in regulating the circadian rhythm and hormonal balances keeping your weight in proper shape.

3.    Indulging in too much drinking without thinking

Though some cardiologists often recommend a glass of wine to keep your heart healthy. Conscious drinking is required to keep your health fit without putting pressure on your body metabolism and disrupting the functions of detoxifying organs like liver.

4.    Skipping breakfast

Next time you skip breakfast, keep in mind that you are adding a bigger portion in your next meal.

5.    Not eating in portions

Portion eating with the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats is essential in every meal, which will reduce the subsequent graze eating habits.

6.    Eating on the go

Our daily lifestyle, which has become fast- paced with a lot of work pressure and travelling, we are eating without checking. We forgot our Ayurvedic Medicine wise preachings of eating food in a clean,noise-free environment and eating slowly. Keep healthy snacks at your fingertips to avoid

7.    After dinner treats

Avoiding sweet treats after dinner. Keep it in your diet goals to add a cup of tea or sparkling water instead of desserts.

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