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Main Causes of Thyroid Problems
22 Jan 2020

The thyroid produces thyroid hormone that controls many activities in your body, including how fast you burn calories and how fast your heartbeats. The diseases of the thyroid cause it to make either too much or too little of the hormone. Depending on the amount of hormone(either high or low) your thyroid produces, you may often feel restless or tired, or you may lose or gain weight. 

What is the meaning of thyroid?

Thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland attached at the base of your neck, and it is just below your Adam's apple. This gland makes thyroid hormone that moves in your blood all over the body. The thyroid hormone controls metabolism of the body in various ways, including how fast you burn calories and how fast your heartbeats.

How thyroid affects women?

Women have thyroid disease more than men. Research shows one in eight women will develop thyroid problems during her lifetime.

 In women, thyroid diseases can cause various problems like:

  • Problems with your menstrual period

Thyroid hormones control the menstrual cycle in women. The variation in thyroid hormone can make periods very light or heavy and irregular. Thyroid disease also can cause your periods to stop for several months or longer, and a condition called amenorrhea. If your body's immune system causes thyroid disease then other glands like ovaries, may be involved. This can be the cause of early menopause (before age 40).

  • Problems getting pregnant

Thyroid conditions affect the menstrual cycle then it can also affect ovulation. This can make it harder for you to get pregnant.

  • Problems at the time of pregnancy 

Pregnancy can cause thyroid problems to start or get worse. If left untreated, this can lead to grave situations for mother and baby, including miscarriage, premature birth, or stillbirth.

Occasionally, symptoms of thyroid problems are mistaken for menopause symptoms. Hypothyroidism generally develops after menopause.

The leading causes of thyroid problems are:

  • Iodine Deficiency
  • Autoimmune diseases where the immune system attacks individual's own body, leading either to hyperthyroidism (Graves’ disease) or hypothyroidism ( Hashimoto's disease)
  • Inflammation of the thyroid gland which can be painful or painless caused by a pathogen like virus or bacteria
  • Nodules, or non-cancerous lumps, inside the thyroid cancerous tumours on the thyroid gland
  • Procedures like radiation therapy, thyroid surgery, and some medicines
  • Genetic conditions



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