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Funding Application Workshops in Ingham
20 Oct 2011
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Hinchinbrook's Sports and Recreation Officer is working with Volunteering North Queensland to host Mr Gerard Byrne for a Grant Writing Workshop in Ingham’s amazing Tyto Centre- 19 Nov 2011 9am - 12pm Viva La Turtle!

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Hinchinbrook CDO Thu, 3 Nov 2011 9:23pm

I realise that no one will read this but I have decided to update this story.

Our all conquering Sports and Recreation Officer Becky has planned our Grant Writing Workshop (19th November).

The problem is that too many people have signed up, so her ever loyal CDOs have financed her to hirie a larger facility to host the day.

Given the CDO’s original participation in the planning and promotion of this event it seems proper that we continue our support to fruition.

Congratulations to our team member who continues to kick proverbial goals within our community.

Watch this space… photos and articles to follow.

Hinchinbrook CDO Thu, 3 Nov 2011 9:24pm

If by miracle some one reads this; please add a brief comment. Thanxs!

Hinchinbrook CDO Sat, 17 Dec 2011 2:09am

So really? No one has read this at all? One comment please- thats is all I ask...

"A comment, a comment, my kingdom for a comment!"

Be quiet Richard!