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Windows 10 gets some new security updates
5 Feb 2020

Microsoft has released Intel firmware updates for windows 10 pro product key, versions 1909 and 1903 to obtain four recently discovered security threats, including Zombieload.


Firmware updates are the latest version of Microsoft updates to distribute firmware updates in the number of chip manufacturers to combat various attacks against the optimization process called speculative execution.


The updates affected four microarchitecture data sampling attacks, buffers (CVE-2018-12126, also known as Fallout), loading buffers (CVE-2018-12127) and buffers. You can take advantage of the line fill (CVE-2018-12130, also known as zombie charge attack). or RIDL) and memory without cache (CVE-2019-11091).


Investigators discovered this series of side attacks in May 2019, identified in the same class of threats that he knew as Spectrum and Meltdown in January 2018.


If you alienate consumers to install Intel firmware updates, Zombieload solutions have reduced processor performance on some systems by up to 40% to disable hyperthreading.


Microsoft stated on a support page that new firmware updates are available for Denverton, Sandy Bridge, Sandy Bridge E and EP, Valley View and Whiskey Lake U-Chips.


Whiskey Lake U updates upgraded to the 8th generation Intel Core processors, including i5-8265U, i3-8145U and Core 4205U and 5405U.


Denverton updates solve the problems of the Intel Atom E3800 family, while Sandy Bridge updates solve the 8th generation Intel main processors for desktops, integrated devices and mobile devices.


Sandy Bridge E and EP solve the processors for Intel Core, Celeron and Pentium servers, while Valley View updates solve problems with Intel Atom Z series processors.


Users must install automatically from the Microsoft Update catalog because they are not installed automatically through Windows Update.


Microsoft has noted that this update includes the latest Intel firmware updates that will be released during operating time and at the time of manufacturing (RTM).


In this article, Microsoft offers additional Intel microcodal updates for all operating systems that are available through Microsoft. Use the registry settings as described in the KB articles of Windows Client and Windows Server.

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