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Types of Women’s Toupees You Should Be Acquainted With
12 Feb 2020

Hair problems can generate severe embarrassment and confidence issues as they are considered as the valuable assets of human beings. Whether men or women, hair problems can happen to anyone. Women, in particular, have to extra conscious about their hairs because hairs play an important role in their styling process. So, it is essential to maintain quality and health.

Some of the common hair problems among women are hair thinning, hair fall, baldness, etc. Fortunately, there are ways to reclaim your lost confidence. While surgeries and transplants are expensive options for treatments, hair toupees are the most efficient and cost-effective solution you can think about. They are readily available in the market in different forms. All you need to do is choose your ideal women’s toupees according to your requirements.


Types of Women’s Toupees

Based on the hair strands used in the making, women’s toupees are divided into two broad categories: natural hair and synthetic hair toupees.


Natural Hair Toupees

As the name suggests, these hair toupees are made with human hair, thus have natural lustre and texture. You just need to pick your ideal toupees that perfectly blends in with your current hair system.


Synthetic Hair System

No human hairs are used in this type of toupee. Generally, animal hair and different fabrics are used in making these types of toupees.

Depending on the binding method, women’s toupees can be divided into two categories: Machine stitched and hand-tied.


Machine Stitched

These types of toupees are stitched together with the help of a machine. A hair sewing machine is used to stitch the toupee. Two significant types of weft methods are used while stitching: double and single weft.


Hand Tied

As the name suggests, hand-tied toupees are prepared by putting all the strands together with hands using durable weaving thread.


Lace Front Toupees

These types of toupee bases are made with lace that gives a vibrant appearance to the hairline. These types of toupees are generally popular among celebrities.


Monofilament Toupees

Slightly less expensive toupees, these are the sewed toupees that are prepared according to the customers’ preferences. Giving an illusion of the scalp, these toupees gives a 100% natural looking hair appeal.


PU Skin

PU skin toupees are by far the most natural-looking women’s toupees you can find. These toupees are prepared to match your skin tone. It is ideally made for people who have highly sensitive skin. These toupees are skin-friendly and don’t have any side effects like itching or irritation.



The Bottom Line

Hair toupees are undoubtedly the ideal solution to treat multiple hair problems. They are basically the hair system that replaces your damaged hair system and helps in giving back your lost confidence. They are available in different types and forms according to their purposes. 

Women’s toupees, in particular, are available in different qualities to match the current hair system. The above mentioned were some of the common women’s hair toupee types that you must be aware of.

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