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Understanding the Popularity of Granite Worktops in UK Homes
26 Feb 2020

In every household, having a worktop undoubtedly reduces the load of the kitchen and provides some amount of width and breadth to the kitchen. Workability increases and also you can avail surplus benefits from it. Thus, having any worktop in your kitchen is a great idea. But things are different in the UK where more and more people are indulged in having granite worktops UK where it's more practical and also provides a style statement to the kitchen.

But then having any worktop that could be laminates, quartz or Silestone could do the job that a granite worktop offers. But what makes it this special that it has peaked its popularity in the UK? Well, if you wish to learn more about this, then we have provided the various reasons behind its success. Check it out.


  • The primary reason for its popularity is the vining patterns that help it to comprise various textures, designs, and patterns. Also, granite worktops can be availed in several colours due to the chemical composition of feldspar, silica, mica, and quartz.
  • The temperature resistant property of the material helps it sustain higher temperatures and its suitable in cold weather kitchen conditions. It’s one of the primary reasons as to why the people of the UK love granite to such an extent and is still growing in popularity.
  • The physical properties of the material make it durable and also sustainable for several years without any wear and tear. It also ensures that the material can be the same without any fading, cracks or even damage to the surface of the granite.
  • Another important reason for the rise of granite in the UK is because of the hygienic properties that it sports. The chemical composition that is present through the material eliminates any harbouring of the bacteria and other contaminants, making it safe and usable at any point in time.
  • Also, the pricing of granite worktops is quite cheaper when compared to other worktop materials. Though it might have a more significant advantage in terms of durability and longevity, the material is more affordable and doesn’t need much maintenance as well for keeping it the same condition for years to come.
  • Customisation is another property where granites excel other worktop material. You can cut them in any size shape and orientation. While other worktop materials might be more robust and labour-intensive, granite can be easily altered based on configuration and desire.
  • Also, in the UK, there are prefabricated granite worktops that are readily available, thus driving costs down and ensuring more significant sales in the country. Hence, it becomes much popular rather than buying the granite slabs and getting the work done later on.


Thus, through the mentioned reasons, it’s evident that granite worktops UK has seen its fair share of popularity and is still in demand in almost every UK household. Due to its popular properties and practical nature, granite is the material that would be in a higher demand for the years to come to the UK.  

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