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All That You Need To Know About The Events By Jason R. Sytsma
4 Mar 2020

Jason R. Sytsma is a well-known registered patent attorney. Owing to his wide knowledge and his expertise in the line, he is also the Senior Vice President of the popular farm Shuttleworth & Ingersoll whose line of focus lies in the areas of intellectual property and information technology. He is an integral part of the farm’s Intellectual Property Practice branch.

In order to sharpen his skills, Jason has devoted a considerable number of years to the automotive industry. Using his background of electrical engineering, he has since then been helping his clients in solving the various complexities that arise when it comes to the commercialization of technology.

Jason’s Journey So Far

As a registered attorney for patent rights, Jason R. Sytsma Shuttleworth Law has been a part of the drafting and prosecuting of more than 100 patents. Not just that, Jason has also been providing counseling to his clients about the need of enforcing the patent rights. Keeping up with the needs of the present time, Jason has also become the number one name when it comes to the representation of e-Commerce and internet companies. Even in the case of online infringement, Jason has the record of handling it very diligently. From the domain name disputes to false advertising, trademark infringement and much more, Jason has been constantly helping his clientele with all such matters.

Jason has been providing his service to clients throughout the United States along with clients from the other countries as well regarding matters pertaining to US legality.

Educating Others On Legal Rights

Jason R. Sytsma believes that it is increasingly important to educate people regarding the rights and measures that one should take in matters pertaining to intellectual property and patenting. Being the Chair Person of the Intellectual Property Branch of the Iowa State Bar Association, he organizes and moderates regular seminars and talks on these topics. Some of the successful events to his name include the Live Webinar conducted on 5/7/27 where there were such illustrious speakers as Brandon W. Clark (Copyright and entertainment attorney).

Another event that earned Jason's appreciation was the live Webinar held on the topic of “Business Development: Creating, Cultivating and Maintaining Client Relationships that Generate IP Work” held in 2017.

Jason also makes his contributions to educating people on matters related to Copyright Law by regularly visiting the Business Music Class of Coe College as a presenter.

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