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Music for Life - Orange
28 Oct 2011
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M4L Orange is a collaboration between Musica Viva and Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW to support the notion of positive ageing through engagement with music as an art form. Its original intent was to raise the visibility of Orange & Central West's multicultural community as well as foster connections between seniors whether Anglo or Aboriginal or overseas migrant. As part of the program, basic health tests were conducted at the start, during and end of the program to ascertain people's wellbeing. The Arts makes a difference to people's health in subtle ways when it allows equitable engagement (with or without skills) that can be honed through support by a number of services (transport, social support etc) and vocal exercises that might seem irrelevant but get people moving. Go the Arts! BUT let's not give it a clinical focus only as a social focus can assist to mediate issues that lead to clinical interventions.

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