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BLPCP Problem Gambling Health Promotion Project
29 Oct 2011
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To combat emerging problem gambling statistics, particularly with young men (18-25) and internet gambling, BLPCP have developed a pilot project that targets teen boys (and girls) at a local secondary college as a higher level health promotion response to the concern that boys are introduced to unhealthy financial activity (including internet gambling) as they develop into young men, that then become established unhealthy financial habits. The limited exposure to healthy options for the use of their 'free time' and the increasing ease of accessing gambling opportunities through technology is part of the growing concern. The project has a two-pronged approach - (1) education about the risks associated with finances (incorporated into the school's existing 'Managing Your Money' elective); and (2) art expression sessions with the same group to act as a vehicle for building assets in participants, particularly the use of healthy 'free time' (rather than isolated to gambling on a computer), and mentoring. With regards to the expression sessions, students will be introduced to, and experiment with, a variety of artistic techniques for canvas before choosing one to create a final canvas to be displayed in a prominent Bendigo location. A media campaign will accompany this project throughout the process and the final stages, including an official launch of artwork and celebration of learnings. The project is in its planning stages and will commence the beginning of 2012.

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