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Tips on Getting Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator on Rent
9 May 2020

A diesel generator helps to generate electrical power when the power goes out. They convert chemical energy into electric electricity and is basically used in places where people face power outages frequently or where there's no strength grid connection reached. Take a generator on rent is a useful option with the lowest price, Ashok Leyland diesel generator on rent es best choice of a reliable brand.

Nowadays,Diesel generator is the most common machine for all. Maximum time people beings get unclear about how to pick the right diesel Genset brand. Choosing the wrong type of diesel generator is a loss of your money. In this blog, we share the Ashok Leyland diesel generator choosing tips.

Things to Remember When Choosing an Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator on Rent

Ashok Leyland diesel engine generator on Rent has such a lot of additives & specifications. EO Energy describes all the specs to our treasured customer, earlier than selling diesel Genset.

Here we share some key functions of diesel generator, you need to bear in mind earlier than shopping for one.

Know Noise Level of Rental Generator

The high noise level of the diesel generator is constantly a huge challenge. So you need to pick out a generator on rent which can reduce the noise degree. Also, you could choose a generator canopy, this cover can reduce the noise level from -35 DB to -45 DB.

Handling & Power Management of Generator

Dealing with any generator is one of the most important things. A diesel generator that can transfer energy while grid strength fails and close down the Genset on the time grid deliver is on is the first-class in operation. Also, you want to check a few other facts like show warning of low gas & other performance problems are a gift or not.

Also, you need to optimize the gas consumption and performance of diesel generators on the time of different load demands.


Before shopping for a power generator, you need to calculate the total energy call for by your property or business. According to your strength requirement, you can pick out the satisfactory diesel engine generator.

Fuel Consumption

Diesel engine performance is one of the most vital things before shopping for a diesel generator. You need to discover the total gasoline intake of a DG Set in according to an hour or according to kV.

Genset Portability

Always select a generator that is straightforward to lift and reduce the problem of transportation. Also, you need to check the size of the generator in line with the distance you have.


Diesel generator manufacture in types- Single-phase and three-phase connections. You want to choose the excellent as in step with your private home or commercial enterprise connection.

The basis on the needs, a diesel generator categorized into three types:

  • Output Power Rating,
  • Size, and Weight
  • Cooling type.
Power Output Rating

The availability of various kV range of power backup diesel generators makes us extra popular among our clients. The variable pace of our diesel engine makes them extra gas-efficient and our diesel power Genset offers a longer electricity performance with low gasoline intake.

The variety of diesel generator strength output is very wide. You can discover a diesel generator from 3 kV to 2500 kV. Where a three Kva or a transportable diesel generator variety is used to run small domestic appliances or small business appliances. And a 2500 kVa or other variety of industrial diesel generator is used to meet the strength call for heavy industries.

Size and Weight- Portability

When we talk about the size of a diesel generator, We surely recognition on commercial needs and portable needs.

If your electricity backup requirement is low or for home purposes, then buying a portable diesel generator is best for you. A compact generator is right for home, shop, and small business.

EO Energy presents a wide variety of portable diesel generators. Here you can find a transportable DG Set within the variety between three kV to 35 kV.

On the alternative hand, if you need a diesel power generator for industries, you want to go together with a heavy business generator.

EO Energy offers a commercial diesel generator. Here you'll find all manufacturers of DG Set in the variety between a hundred kV to 2500 kV.

Cooling Method of Diesel Generators

According to the cooling device in the generator, we will categorize this Genset in two types. First air-cooled Genset and the opposite one is water-cooled Genset.

In the air-cooled generator, there's an air intake system, that's used to provide the cooling characteristic to the diesel generator. This type of generator especially is predicated on air, due to the fact there are not any additional additives or parts for generator cooling.

A water-cooled diesel Genset has a separate machine to cool a DG Set. They, in particular, depend on water to chill & contain a generator.

But, as compared to air-cooled diesel generators, water-cooled generator wants extra maintenance. But each Genset has unique functions.


These all are the few critical factors of diesel generator, you need to know before buying one. EO Energy will support you to find the right size diesel generator for your home or business needs.

EO Energy has a large variety of diesel generators between 3 kV to 2500 kV. We also help you to find out your home or commercial enterprise strength requirement & offer you the first-rate one in step with your uses.

For extra information or any query related to Power generator, Contact the EO Energy support team. Our incredibly qualified team will assist you as soon as possible.


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