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The Live Webinars By Jason R Sytsma
19 Mar 2020

Jason Sytsma has always been one step ahead of everything. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Intellectual Property Law Section of the Iowa State Bar Association. He organizes and moderates a series of full-day webinars on various types of topics that are related to the intellectual property law. Recently, he served as a moderator for a webinar where the topic covered the information the mobile application developers. Being a full-time attorney, the webinars he moderates help in educating customers and individuals about the specific topic it is covering. 


What To Expect From The Upcoming Live Webinar?


Currently, Jason R. Sytsma is getting ready to serve as a moderator in the upcoming event where the topic is about the Copyright/Entertainment law. The speaker for the live webinar is Brandon W. Clark, who is a Copyright & Entertainment lawyer from McKee, Voorhees, Sease, PLC. Mr. Clark mainly works with the music industry, for which he was chosen to be the best candidate for the position of the speaker. Webinars like these are is moderated by Jason R. Sytsma Shuttleworth Law every month.


Jason is all set to act as the moderator for the new webinars that will be taken place this year as well. The topic will help in providing a complete set of information on the entertainment and copyrights law. It will allow people working in the music industry to maintain the rules and regulations of the law. The live webinar will also cover the role played by the attorney and how they help their clients during the time of a dispute or an issue. Parts of the topic will be broken down in points so that the viewers have a clear understanding of the topic itself. 


Registration Fee


The registration fee for attending the seminar will be $30 for the ISBA Intellectual Property Law Section Members. The promo code is available only for the members of the ISBA Intellectual Property Law Section. However, the promo code does not apply to individuals who are YLD members. Individuals who are a part of the ISBA and wish to be a part of this section, they are required to get in touch with the membership department of the ISBA. For the fee, it will charge individuals around $15, YLD members $20 and law students can join the section for free. 


Things One Needs To Know


All the materials, which include the instructions related to the joining of the live-webinar section will send to all the interested individuals through the e-mail address, just a few days before the day of the event. All the email addresses have to be original and correct; it is requested to the ISBA members to keep their email addresses updated. The registration for the live webinar will be done through the online platform. The live-webinar, which is organized by Jason R. Sytsma will last for an hour and individuals can sit at their comfort zone and learn about all the corners of the topic with no issues.


Jason is getting ready to organize numerous other live webinars that will cover many interesting topics. The well-known individuals of the industry will be selected as speakers for such webinars.

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