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WowEssays Review, “How to find dissertation topics for Research?”
22 Apr 2022

The Dissertation is an academic task and a form of research. It is usually required for every student to complete their graduation. A dissertation is a complete process which involves the selection of topic, investigation of ideas, developing facts, and stating final findings. The entire procedure of the Dissertation is further discussed in this article. It is an article that also seeks to help students how to find dissertation topics that can help them research the best of their abilities and aptitude.


The procedure of Dissertation Research


The Dissertation is an extensive and comprehensive research that requires students to fulfill a series of steps to determine results ad make significant contributions to the field of their research. Dissertation topics can be from any field such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, business, essay on nursing profession topics etc.

·       Introduction

This requires you to introduce the topic you have chosen and if there are any variables that you are going to correlate with each other.

·       Rationale

Briefly explain the purpose and objective of your study.

·       Research Question

Design at least 2-3 research questions that will provide an idea to the readers about what to expect out of the study.

·       Literature Review

It will include all previous researches that have been conducted in relevance to the same topic.

·       Methodology

The methodology will include the sample size, the procedure which you will follow for analysis, the findings, and the analysis of the results as well.

·       Results

Results will talk about the findings and how they are relevant to what you expected of your research.

·       Bibliography

The bibliography consists of all the references from where the data and information for research have been collected.

Choosing a Dissertation topic

The primary purpose of this article is to help students how to find dissertation topics for conducting their academic research. For a research project, several ideas come into mind. However, if you choose an item that is not best suited to your aptitude, you can mess it up and cause a lot of anxiety as a result. To save yourself from procrastination and work pressure, it is an intelligent move to choose a subject that you will enjoy working on. The following steps can help you make the right choice for picking out the dissertation topic.

Start by talking to other students. They are in the same phase with you, and this will help you to understand better and evaluate your choices. It will also help you explore new horizons and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

·       Search, search, and search a lot.

Don’t just limit yourself to the library books. Instead, explore various topics in journals, magazines, websites, online search engines, etc.

·       Talk to your teachers.

          They have known your skills and abilities for the longest time, and they know what you are capable of taking up. They can also develop the best ideas..

·       Be a little hard on yourself instead of taking things more comfortably.

In order to learn how to write a good dissertation, you should start by writing an essey. Below are examples from the best


If you finally select a topic, make sure you ask yourself if you can fully work on the issue and assess the best of your abilities.

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