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Enrol for OnePlus Mobile Protection Plan Online at Affordable Rates
29 May 2020

In 2019, OnePlus became the fourth biggest brand in the world’s premium segment of smartphones. The said brand occupies around 37% market share in India and is a successful contemporary of other leading smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung. Also, factors like smart features, chic appearance and affordable price make OnePlus a popular smartphone brand for most individuals. 

Despite being a popular smartphone brand, these premium quality mobile phones are not immune to damages. For instance, even a callous mistake like dropping the handset on the floor or accidentally spilling coffee on it can damage some of its components like the mobile screen. 

Typically, for OnePlus users, repairing or replacing its parts can cost anywhere between Rs.6398 and Rs.15,610. Also, the fact that most mobile phone damages, including screen damage, are often not included in warranty makes it all the more crucial for users to avail a competent OnePlus insurance policy.         

Steps to avail mobile protection plan online 

Individuals need to follow steps to avail OnePlus protection plan for mobile screen online. These steps below serve as an example of how one can avail it easily. 

Step 1 – Visit the official website of your preferred insurance policy aggregator.

Step 2 – Look for the ‘mobile screen insurance Policy’ option.

Step 3 – Click on ‘Apply Now.’

Step 4 – Provide essential details like name, contact details, etc. to fill up the application form.

Step 5 – An OTP would be generated on your registered mobile number. Use it to verify the details shared.

Step 6 – Choose the most convenient online payment option to complete the process of purchasing an OnePlus mobile insurance policy.  

Also, make sure to refer to the official website of the insurance provider to learn more about the terms associated with the claim process. 

Things to check before purchasing a mobile insurance policy

As a means to ensure that the OnePlus insurance policy to avail online is affordable and worth their money, individuals should check out these parameters without fail –


The cost of the premium and the coverage value are two of the most important features that every individual must consider before applying for a mobile protection plan. Certain insurance aggregators tend to extend a substantial coverage value at a premium as low as Rs.500. This does not just make the insurance policy affordable but also offers mobile users respite from worrying about mobile damage

Extent of coverage

Most competent OnePlus accidental damage protection plan offers financial coverage against a wide range of accidental damages. For instance, the mobile screen insurance policy under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions by  Bajaj Finserv covers financial obligations resulting from –

  1. Accidental damage sustained by insured OnePlus handset.
  2. Screen damage owing to electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  3. Damage resulting from fire, explosion, etc.
  4. Screen destruction resulting from most man-made and natural disasters.
  5. Damage to screen in the event of robbery or burglary. 

Notably, the inclusions and exclusions of these mobile insurance policies may vary from one insurance aggregator to another.  It is always recommended to check and compare them before purchasing an insurance policy from a particular aggregator. 

Additional coverage 

Being a premium smartphone, the cost of repairing and replacing its parts and accessories is relatively high. This is why, while availing a mobile insurance plan, individuals should also find out if they can extend their coverage to include protection plans like a mobile charger insurance policy. 

Needless to say, such financial coverage will help to cover for the expenses of repair and replacement quite effectively.  While at it, they can ensure their headphones are well taken care of by including a wireless headphone insurance policy alongside their mobile insurance policy. 

Therefore, one can simply avail an OnePlus insurance policy for their OnePlus handset online through the website of a trusted insurance aggregator. Also, to ensure the insurance policy is cost-effective and useful, they should check out its features, extent of coverage, and additional provisions to make an informed decision. 


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