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5 Things You Must Know About Bajaj Pulsar 180F
1 Jun 2020

Owning a bike seems to give everyone the essence of freedom and being independent. From low-maintenance to great speed, bikes offer it all.

If you plan to buy a bike for yourself, the biggest dilemma you fall in is the number of brands offering bikes in the market. If you don’t plan to waste your money, you need to do proper research on this topic. However, you’re lucky, as we’ve already done that on one of the most amazing bikes available in the two-wheeler market of India.


When its ABS variation was quietly propelled, Bajaj Auto began to refresh its lineup with Pulsar 220F. Avenger 220 ABS variations were presented, following that. Bits of gossip say that Pulsar 180 ABS and 150 are additionally out. 

In this lineup, the Bajaj Pulsar arrangement is extraordinary if compared to other selling bikes of India. Be that as it may, Bajaj Pulsar 180 was one of the bikes with the minimal selling record. We anticipate that the 180F should reinforce the variation’s deals to a peace degree.


As mentioned before, you need to know everything about the bike you want to buy. After all, you’ll be investing quite a huge amount in this. To make things easier for you, here are a few things you should be aware of before setting out to buy the Bajaj Pulsar 180F:

1.      Precisely, the bike got no big changes. Bajaj Pulsar 180F proceeds with the equivalent 178.6cc air-cooled DTS-I motor that puts out 17 BHP and 14.2 Nm of pinnacle torque. The motor comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox. 

Some amazing new highlights that are now locally available incorporate a progressively padded seat, projector headlamps, and, even, a windscreen. It additionally utilizes a simple computerized speedometer and is equipped with excellent front and back disk brakes. You get clasps on handlebars too!

2.      Bajaj Pulsar 180F gets a bit lighter grasp and preferred to choke development over the prior one. The motor of the new model is as refined as the older one to deliver the results the brand is most well known for.

Bajaj Pulsar 180F gets the style that is semi-faired and goes a bit ahead 220F. In the lineup for Bajaj bikes, the 180F is another tall-kid in it. Reportedly, the update shows that under the price of 1 lakh, the purchasers need and demand greater bikes.

3.      The greater part of its styling prompts obtained from 220F, yet some of them are held. The smaller fumes framework and the various illustrations are what separate it from 180F. 

Two or three days back, a video on YouTube got released that was of the Pulsar 180F, which likewise referenced the ride execution. It claimed that the new seat made rides much comfortable than before. The headlamps and the windscreen give the bike a much more aggressive and powerful look, which is quite close to its overall outlook.

4.      Altogether, the audit says that the bike’s exhibition and performance are much better than before.

5.      In conclusion, according to reports, the Bajaj Pulsar 180F is valued at 86,500 rupees. At this value, if it gets compared to the non-faired ones, it is almost Rs. 2,500 more costly.  

The Bajaj Pulsar 180F is now available in amazing colour combinations that are sure to gain a lot of attention on the roads. It is one of the most economical bikes in its range, offering a mileage of approximately 44kmpl.

Overall, this bike might seem a bit costly, but it is all worth it. However, the new additions and the extra comfort that it can offer now justifies the price hike it has received from its previous version. You can avail of a Bike Loan to buy pulsar 180.

However, we would still recommend you to take a test drive of this bike to ensure it meets up with your expectations. But then, you could trust the word of our experts as well!

Have fun riding! 

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