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Find The Best Wig Distributors For Your Store In China
15 Jun 2020

As a small hair wig business, you may need a reliable wholesale distributor to grow in your industry. But finding the right partner is a little tricky. You need to look for a wholesale distributor that can connect you with the manufacturer and products that you need, offers affordable prices and caters to your geographical region, as well as someone trustworthy and reliable.

When looking for the best wholesale distributor amongst the crowd of wholesale wig distributors in China, you need to consider these essential things:

1. Look for B2B Marketplaces

It is best to check out reliable B2B marketplaces like Alibaba, Busy Trade, EC Plaza, Buyer Zone, etc. online. It is best to look for the market that's serving your country or region. You may even look for industry-specific marketplaces for better business.

2. Join Industry Forums or Other Online Networks

You need to invest time in networking and trying to reach out to other experienced small business owners who might help your wholesale business. To build reliable connections, you need to find the best possible ways to boost your small business.

Do participate in online forums, groups, etc. to get free information and help from other people in your industry. Also, build a LinkedIn profile, join a local group of small commerce or subscribe to industry newsletters for making reliable and professional connections.

3. Attend Trade Shows

Going to trade shows is another effective way to build secure connections and grow your business. Such events are intended for retailers for connecting with manufacturers and distributors.

The trade shows enable you to meet various distributors and manufacturers in a single day. You may even have face-to-face conversations with a particular wig distributor or manufacturer to avoid any misinformation that could occur while interacting with people online.

4. Subscribe to Industry's Trade Publications

You may even subscribe to the industry's trade publications for getting information about businesses, as well as forming industry-specific relationships. You may also try to get featured in industry magazines so that more distributors and manufacturers get to know about your small hair wig retailing business. That makes it easier to reach out to you for better business opportunities.

5. Don't Hesitate Making a Mistake

Your very first wholesale distributor may not be a specific vendor that you have a long-term business relationship with. Creating a reliable supply chain involves a lot of trials and errors.

So, remember that you don't need to look for a long-term relationship from the first supplier or distributor. Instead, try to get as much exposure as possible to understand the industry inside out. Furthermore, you can look for different hair wig suppliers or distributors, depending on your changing business requirements.


When looking for wholesale wigs distributors China, your first goal should be to ship a product. After that, you can work on improving the bottom line by working with more wholesale distributors to continue building strong business relations while growing your business.

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