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Various Uses of Bio-identical Hormones
18 Jun 2020

A typical woman faces a lot of issues once they get pregnant, have a child, and even after menopause. The issues are mainly caused by reduced amounts of certain hormones or excess amounts of them. A miraculous method has been invented to treat these issues that most women face these days. The treatment is known as Bio-identical Hormones Virginia can be used to treat a lot of health-related issues faced by women. But before we understand the various uses of hormones, let us understand what exactly these hormones are.

What are Bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are artificially made in a laboratory using the same chemical compounds that are present within natural human bodies. When these man-made hormones are introduced inside a human body, they work exactly the same way natural hormones work. They can replace human hormones and as a result, the body starts functioning in the same manner as it used to function before there was a deficiency or hormonal imbalance.

What are the uses of bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are mostly used by women and a lot of gynecologists often suggest these treatments. The major uses of these hormones are:

1.      For weight loss programs

Due to hormonal imbalance, people often tend to gain weight. This mostly happens to women but men can also be equally affected. So if you are suffering from sudden weight gain you should get yourself checked by a reliable Medical Weight Loss Washington Dc specialist. They will diagnose your problem and let you know if you need bio-identical hormones.

2.      Reduced Hot flashes

Women who have experienced menopause often tend to suffer from a number of hormonal problems. One of the most common issues is hot flashes. Due to hormonal issues, the sweat pores open their pores too wide to let out the heat inside the body. This makes the woman sweat excessively which happens to a person not suffering from hot flashes. Because this problem arises from hormonal imbalance, bio-identical hormones are known to help women overcome this issue.

3.      Reduced hair thinning

Hair thinning can be caused by a number of problems and it can be because of hormonal imbalance especially in young men and women. This too can be treated using bio-identical hormones.

A typical prescription weight loss medication will examine your conditions first, diagnose if you have any hormonal issues, and I only then recommend you this treatment. You should never get these treatments without a certified doctor’s prescription as they may be harmful if you don’t need them.

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