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For full building survey, entrust the work only to a professional chartered building surveyor
24 Jun 2020

A full building survey is usually done of buildings that are old construction. The survey involves carrying out a comprehensive coverage of the said property, where each nook and corner is inspected and reported. This kind of survey is recommended by industry experts when buyers wish to buy a property that is old, especially about 50 years old or older.

Chartered building surveyors are appointed to carry out this kind of an exhaustive survey. Why is it important? Because it a pre-emptive measure to prevent potential disasters. Having a professional surveyor work on the building is peace of mind because they are trained and qualified to comprehend defects and issues in the building – their years of experience in the field gives them a unique eye for details that is so very important in this profession. Homeowners or potential buyers must hire only reputed RICS approved building surveyors for the work. 

A full building survey will cover:

•Inspection of each and every accessible area on the premise – walls, ceilings, basements, attics, floors, windows, roofs, garages, cellars, rooms, doors, and more.

•Woodwork for identifying rot and dampness.

The purpose of the full structural survey is to look for defects, identify the presence of hazardous materials, dampness, illegal structural work is done, consistency of the material that has been used to make the building, roof damages, presence of trees nearby and then suggest solutions to overcome the issues.

A measured building survey is conducted to understand the floor plans, roof plans, internal and external elevations, reflective ceiling, and sections. While the conventional methods of the survey are all used to carry out this type of survey, it is the use of modern technology, tools, and gadgets that helps in preparing the true representation of the building. This kind of survey is carried on the request of property owners so that a detailed drawing plan can be produced to meet their requirements.

Some of the commonly used tools to carry out this survey include:

a.Laser Measure – a digital form of the metal tape.

b.Tape Measure c.Digital cameras that have an infra-red vision.

d.Protective gears like helmets 

Arun Associates is a reputed residential and commercial building surveyor, proficient chartered surveyors in London. The firm is registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and is also an ARMA partner and a member of FPWS. The firm is committed to excellence and offers committed services to homeowners and the construction industry in the UK.

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