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24 Jul 2020

Have you stopped to ask yourself, “What is a laser range finder used for?” Do you wish to know the uses of a laser range finder before purchasing one? Do not worry; in about 3 minutes, you will understand what a laser range finder is used for and make an informed decision. 

When you press a button on a laser range finder, it emits a laser beam on the target and back to the device. From the process, the device calculates the time taken to reach the target and return, and also provides a distance reading of the object.  


Uses of a Laser Rangefinder

With the proficiency of laser range finders, there are several ways they can be used. Here are some ways to use a laser range finder:

1. Hunting

You can take advantage of a laser range finder’s accuracy to target your prey more accurately than ever. You can cash in on the clarity of your animal through your device and have a great kill. Some laser range finder models have an added feature, which provides an angle of elevation for a laser-targeted shoot.


2. Golf

If you are a golf lover and play in the local competitions, you use a laser range finder to measure distances from your target. Some models of laser range finder also focus on the flag. Knowing the right distance helps a golfer to choose the correct club for that swing that will hit the spot.

However, before you can use a laser range finder in a competition, other features such as slope measurements and a club selection guide. But a laser range finder is a gamechanger.


3. Long Distance Range Shooting

You need to know your distance from the target to shoot accurately. If you are shooting over 600 yards, a laser range finder can help you.


4. Military

A laser range finder comes handy for any military exercise. It can provide detailed information about the terrains, size, and target speed. Some enhanced models also have thermal and night vision for enhanced performance.


5. Construction

A laser range finder offers an accurate distance reading and can also provide other helpful information such as percentage grade of the slope, size of an area, obstructions, and clearances.


6. Real Estate

A laser range finder can provide an accurate measurement of a property, which helps determine the correct price since prices are calculated per square feet.


7. Airport

A laser range finder can be used to improve the safety of the runway and taxiway. The device can measure the distance of any objects along the runway to determine if it will not cause an accident. Also, it can help to determine the slope and height of lighting and radio facilities.



The versatility of a laser range finder makes it indispensable, especially if you are a mountaineer. The device is handy for everyday use to improve safety. 

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