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Best Free WooCommerce Product Filters you need
7 Aug 2020

Product filters like Categories, tags, taxonomies, etc. are critical if you use WooCommerce. These tools help you create a unique and seamless experience for your customers. Beyond it creating a pleasant experience from your website's visitors, filters help you improve sales. This is because it helps your customers make a purchase decision faster and easier. 


When customers can find what they are looking for immediately, they can make purchases faster. You don't need them scrolling endlessly through your inventory. They may get bored and go to a store that they can easily navigate. 


There are several product filters out there. While most of them are paid, there are free ones you undoubtedly need. In this article, we take a look at these tools. 


This free tool is fundamental to your setting up a WooCommerce store. It provides your site with added functionality at no cost. You can also use this plugin to customize experiences in your store. The WOOF plugin also has several shortcuts you can leverage to get things done faster. With this tool, you can create drop-down menus, checkboxes and radio buttons.   

  • YITH WooCommerce

This is an Ajax product filter, and it works by helping your customers easily find whatever they are looking for. You can use it to create categories that you can then use to make your site as interactive as possible. This plugin comes with a disable button. It has about a hundred thousand installs, proof that it is one of the best product filters out there. 


  • Advanced Ajax Product Filters

This group of filters is based on a more advanced framework than the YITH WooCommerce feature. It provides you with more display options, spanning to range sliders, tags, etc. The display style of these options is also easily customizable. This filter also provides you with a dynamic product recount. 


  • Themify

This filter is specifically designed to cut down on customer's shopping time. Purchase and experience are all that matters, and this filter achieves both in astounding ways. This free tool helps your visitors sift through inventory by category, price range, tags and attributes. The search results are modified live whenever there is a change in the applied filter. This is the dream of every store owner. 


This tool brings about so much convenience to you as the store owner. It also makes the shopping experience seamless for your customers. Product searches can be refined anytime and instantly. 


Another feature of this filter is the form builder. The framework allows for easy drag and drop. Hence, you get to create as many search forms as you want. Of course, the general rule of thumb as with any filter is that you do not overuse it.  


Final Take

These various free tools make the shopping experience wholesome for your customers and help you drive more sales. You don't need to spend on all your budget on marketing to drive more purchases. With the added functionalities these tools provide, you will surely enjoy better sales for your online store. 

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