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Five Guidelines To Choose A Civil Engineering And Structural Engineering Firm
20 Aug 2020

Choosing a firm of civil engineers and structural engineers should not be taken lightly to ensure viability, operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and durability of a development project. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice.

Look For Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Construction and development projects often require multi-disciplinary solutions – hence looking for a firm of civil and structural engineers that offers a holistic approach to projects. Make a note of the services your project is likely to require and make sure the firm offers these services. For example, if you’re developing a project that requires road and highway design solutions, look for a firm of civil engineers who have done this sort of work before. If your project has a special requirement –for example, you need the services of a Principal Designer – narrow your search to civil and structural engineering firms that provide these services.

Look For Field Expertise

Even if a firm of civil and structural engineers has been in operation for many years, they may not be the right fit for your project if they haven’t done projects of a similar kind. It’s a good idea to measure experience based on the number of projects the firm has completed in a particular area where you need expertise. For example, if you are looking for an Expert Witness - a service that civil and structural engineering firms provide for legal cases, the firm should be able to provide the services of a Chartered Engineer who has a complete understanding of legal codes and can provide an expert opinion.

Look For Value-Adding Services

Experienced civil engineering and structural engineering firms do not simply provide design and build solutions. They provide a comprehensive range of services including providing insights and information to help clients make empowered decisions in respect of a proposed project. Using their connections and network, they can also help obtain planning approval. Since the construction industry is a highly regulated one, partnering a firm of experienced civil engineers and structural engineers offering complete services can add immense value to obtaining positive outcomes with timeliness and cost-efficiency.

Look For Tech-Aided Solutions

Although most civil and structural engineering firms use technology for different purposes such as topographical surveys, ground investigations, and building designs, it’s better to confirm that the firm you are considering uses the latest technology to deliver high-quality analysis and design solutions. Civil and structural engineering firms use the latest technologies such as 3D modelling, building information modelling and parametric modelling to catch problematic issues at an early stage, improve the design, increase project development efficiency and cut costs.

Look For Accreditations and Certifications

Take a look at the firm’s certifications and accreditations to evaluate competence and trustworthiness. Various accreditations and certifications such as ISO 9000:2015 – Quality Assurance, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Accreditation, CHAS and Construction line are indicators that the firm is open to third-party audit and committed to providing high-quality services to clients. Apart from giving you the confidence that you are partnering a legitimate firm, you can feel reassured that you are receiving best-in-class services and solutions.

Don’t rush through the selection process! Reach out to reputed civil and structural engineering firms and make a well-informed decision!

Source Url - https://sites.google.com/view/alanwood-partners/guidelines-to-choose-a-civil-engineering-and-structural-engineering-firm

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