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How to Convert DBX file to PST format Quickly?
25 Aug 2020

In this article, we will discuss the easy ways to convert Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST. 


To meet different requirements or a deadline, you need to move from one email to another. Easy when both email client software uses the same file format. But the situation is difficult when there is no similarity between the file formats. And, we see that most users need to switch from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. From now on, you will be able to convert DBX files to PST and overcome such situations. Find out how you can do this. 


How to Manually Convert DBX File to PST File 

Follow the manual procedure to convert DBX file 


Find out the DBX system files. 

Then transfer the DBX files to Windows Live Mail. 

Transfer Windows Live Mail data to Outlook. 

1. Browse DBX files on your system 

Click Start, then go to Control Panel. 

Now click on Control Panel in Appearance and Themes. 

Then click on Folder Options and then click on the View tab. 

Immediately click on Show files, folders, and options in the checkbox option, which is located under Hidden files and folders option. 

Now copy the folder where the DBX files are saved installed with Windows 7, 8 and 10 editions. 

2. Transfer DBX files to Windows Live Mail 

Open Windows Live Mail before 

Next, click on the File tab, and then click Import Messages. 

Now select Microsoft Outlook Express 6 and move on. 


Browse and find the storage location for DBX files. 

Select the folders you want to import, select all or just a few. 

Finally, click Finish. 

3. Transfer Windows Live Mail data to Outlook PST. 

Open Outlook and Windows Live Mail. 

In Windows Live Mail, click File> Export and select Email Emails. 

Select the format you want to export. 


Click Next. 

A message "This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange" will appear, then click OK to continue. 

After that, select the options folder in Outlook where you want to move the files. 


Select the correct correct option and click OK to continue. 


When the file transfer is complete, click Done. 

Think, you do not. of files to convert and like, you can see it is a very long process and if any steps are missed you will encounter an error. And it will take your precious time and effort. So, to do the conversion of DBX files to PST like an expert, there is an alternative method. For fast conversion, go for DBX to PST converter, it will help you to solve all the conversion problems. Check the performance of the tool using the demo version which will allow you to convert 25 emails from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook. 


Well-known software features: 

Compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and Outlook Express. 

Great encrypted PST file. 

Combined with preview and search options. 

User friendly interface. 

Note: There are no changes that you will not see in your files after using it. 



Although MS Outlook is great to have, users should always have a convenient solution like DBX Converter. As it solves these issues in a minute. And, when it comes to exchanging formal communication using various email client software, users need great software to quickly access information. 

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