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What Is An Accounting Firm? Accounting Firm In Gurgaon
25 Aug 2020

A company that specializes in accounting services for clients. That is an accounting firm may handle a client's payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, taxes, and/or any number of other services. Many accounting firms also offer auditing or advisory services. But there is one accounting firm name Lakshmi Associates who provides every services related to accounting such as accounting, auditing, business registrations, income tax, TDS, GST etc. Since Lakshmi Associates is not only accounting firm, it is also a CA firm. It is in Gurgaon.

Now the list of the services provides by the accounting firm (Lakshmi Associates) is above:

GST – It is right now showing tax assessment strategy to Indian government. CA firm give all the administrations identified with this tax collection strategy like GST enrollment, GST reviewing, GST return recording , GST structure documenting and numerous different administrations.

2.       Business Registration - In this administration, it helps in enrollment of business and furthermore helps in making their tax assessment profiles as indicated by their business type and level. Truly at certain degree of pay each business needs to enroll themselves.

3.       Accounting and Auditing In this kind of administration they give help with maintaing their records as indicated by their tax assessment strategy and at the time charge accommodation they help in correction of their records and finding the perfect measure of expense which entrepreneur need to pay.

4.       Income tax consultancy Ca firm aides in keep up all the individual records identified with their property .Since they need to keep up their own benefits as indicated by their salary as they appeared in their records which they present to the annual assessment office on the off chance that they found any advantage other than records or we can say that they found something besides things they recorded in their records then they need to verification that it has a place with them else they can't take that benefit.

5.       TDS (Tax conclusion at source)- Tax derivation at source is a methods for gathering charge on salary, profits or resource deals, by requiring the payer to deduct charge due before paying the equalization to the payee. In India, under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, personal duty must be deducted at source according to the arrangements of the Income Tax Act, 1961. They encourages in it to.

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