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Liposuction Treatment: Things To Know And Take Care Of
28 Aug 2020

With the changing yardsticks of beauty standards, the increasing incidence towards cosmetic surgical treatments are noteworthy. A check on the numbers show that there has been around 17.5% million reported cases of cosmetic surgery procedure done in the year 2017 itself. While the number of liposuction treatment increased over 5% reaching up to a number of quarter to million within one year.

These increasing incidence of people opting for liposuction is enough to show its success rate and importance. So for all those who are planning to shape up their bodies here are few things to know for having liposuction South Korea based leading clinics.

Which are the targeted body parts?

There are some particular parts in human body where the deposition of fat is more stubborn which don’t easily go with diet or exercise targeted for liposuction treatments. Such areas include

 Double chin

 Back of the neck

 Bottom end of the upper arm

 Female breasts

 Saddlebacks

 Bra strap area

 Potbelly

 Male breasts etc.

 Buttocks

 Hips

Some other less common areas include the ankles, inner thigh, upper back regions etc.

Who are eligible for this treatment?

Although with the availability of state-of-the-art facilities for liposuction South Korea, is high and thus the surgeries goes by almost seamlessly, however, here are few eligibility for candidates

 The candidate needs to be healthy

 The present weight range should be within 30% of ideal weight limit

 Should be a non-smoker

 Patients should have skin elasticity. Patients with cellulite deposits are uneven and

dimple skin are not generally accepted for liposuction treatment.

 Patient should not have any pressure or heart or blood related disorders


 Ideally patient should have stubborn subcutaneous layer of fats instead of visceral fat


Precautions to be taken


Generally liposuction or tummy tuck surgery Korea takes roughly around 90 minutes to complete and are done on outpatient candidates however post operation there are certain guidelines you should follow.

 Don’t drive back directly from surgery

 Best to have someone by side on the first night of surgery

 Keep the incision or cut area dry and avoid showering preferably for 2 days

 Keep taking the antibiotics as prescribed

 Don't smoke or drink or do heavy weight lifting or other strenuous tasks at least couple of weeks after surgery.

Choose the best

Always choose the best clinic with experienced and expert staffs, having state of the art


medicine facilities and clinic with reputation for ages over the country for the best result m

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