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Your Path to Greater Success as a Korean Translator
16 Sep 2020

Businesses who have a trans-national consumer base often need people who are fluently bilingual majorly to do  translation work. Specifically, those who are fluent in both Asian languages such as Korean and English can be a great addition to a team since Asia is deemed to be the biggest market in the coming decade. 

Thinking of hiring one to join your ranks? You’ll need to ensure that the person is more than just bilingual; he or she will also need to be willing to engage in lifelong learning and growth to be a competitive professional in the growing market of English to Korean translators. Here are some approaches to find your translator skills and make your business more glocal:

Brush Up Your Language Skills

To find your ideal translator, it’s important to start at the heart of the profession - translation skills. 

Just knowing the language is not enough. Knowing a second language does little to help your business when the translator does not commit to frequent review and use of that language. The phrase “use it or lose it” is frequently used in reference to speak a second language, and that’s incredibly accurate.

There are plenty of easy ways to do this. You can start by looking into what kind of certifications the applicant has, is it from a reputable institute and how long has the freelancer been doing this kind of work. It is recommended to look for an experienced translator with a decent track record as your first translator. They generally have the knowledge and can understand the needs of your business better, something a fresh translator may not be able to in the same way.    

Even the same language varies from region to region, especially the pronunciation as well as the colloquialism of the language. Thus, if you have any specific region you want to target then you should look for a translator who is well versed with the language nuances of that region. This will result in more personalized and effective business communication.   

Make Marketing a Priority

When you are searching for a freelance translator, it is imperative that you become comfortable with marketing your requirements or being marketed by others. This is one aspect of the search that many people struggle with - especially if they are inexperienced with promotion.

Consider partnering with an online platform designed to help match freelance Korean translators with clients who need their services. This is an easier way for clients to find the freelancers they need without the stress of having to handle every aspect of promotion and the search for freelancers. It is a great way to take the focus off promotion and keep it where it belongs - on sharpening your business acumen and improving the services you have to offer!

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