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Remote Assistance with Smart Glasses - Blitzz Remote Support
16 Sep 2020

Blitzz connects field workers with remote experts in real-time and allows them to assimilate valuable skills and knowledge while working. Blitzz develops mobile, hands-free remote support solutions, allowing the glasses wearer to share his/her vision with a remote expert. Blitzz partners closely with Realwear to ensure high quality standards and robust platform. Blitzz provides "See-What-I-See" solutions along with Augmented Reality to empower your workforce using smart glasses, phones, tablets and computer browsers. Blitzz works on for smart phones, tablets (iOS and Android) and wearable smartglasses (ODG, Vuzix, Realwear, Google Glass, Epson Moverio). Target Industries: - Automotive - Electric Utility - Oil & Gas - Security - IT Maintenance - Mining - Infrastructures - Food Industry - Pharmaceutical - Transport - Health Care - Chemicals Use Cases: • IT support • Repair & off-nominal maintenance • Service Level Agreements (SLA) • Installation & ramp-up • Upgrades & retrofit • On-the-job training • Quality & safety assurance • Warranty time support • Sales support

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