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How To Voice Against China Meat Dog Trade
17 Sep 2020

Dog has been known as the best friend to man since centuries now all thanks to the predecessors who took in dogs as family pets. They were also essential in hunting and gathering food, but they have been an integral part of millions of households and have also acted as protectors and caring animals. However, a harsh truth like dog meat trade and it is upon the dog lovers to decide how they want to end dog meat trade.

So if you are a dog lover or an animal lover altogether, you must be already knowing about the trade in China where dogs are raised and killed alive for a festival which celebrates cruelty against dogs and uses them for meat. A lot of people all around the world feel enraged at this cruel festival and all the animal organizations are working very hard to abolish this trade and this festival. So what can you do to voice against the cruel China meat dog trade? Here are some things that can be done:

1.      Sign Petitions

One of the least things you can do is sign petitions to stop the dog meat trade. Every year, petitions are made to raise more awareness and urge the Chinese government to stop this cruel act. The more signs a petition get, it has higher value and power. So you can be a part of these petitions and even ask your friends to do the same.

2.      Donate in the Funds

It takes man power and a lot of resources to save dogs from this cruel trade. So if you want to end dog meat trade earnestly, you should donate whatever you can to the funds that are collected against the Chinese dog meat trade. Every year, various funds are raised for the same purpose and you can donate in any one of them.

3.      Adopt a dog

The best thing you can do to raise your voice against Chinese dog meat trade is by giving a loving home and family to a China dog. You can easily file for adoption and you can get these either for free or for minimal donation which goes towards rescuing and providing for all the survivor dogs.

The energy a dog brings into the life of people has been able to transform a lot of people and they have also helped innumerable handicapped and special people in their daily lives. Dogs have been helping humankind in every way possible, but now it is your turn to help these survivor dogs.

China dog meat survivor
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