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Top 10 Best Android Full HD Video Player App.
17 Sep 2020

Here is the list of 10 best Android Full HD Video Players you ought to download. Nowadays phones have gotten bigger and better. Every Smartphone company has tried to offer you the best video experience. HD content is some things, which actually make a premium phone worth having. Android gives you a humongous range of video players to settle on from and something which will compete with the stock video players. The inbuilt storage of video is one thing you'd invest during a Smartphone when you can’t access the internet so stored videos you'll pass some time with, whether you're traveling or passing free time. We have carefully collated an inventory of video players, but that's not all. We’ve actually used these players. 

1. Rocks Video Player: 
If you would like an all-in-one video player choose Rocks Video Player. The distinctive features of Rocks Video Player are it isn't just a video player, but also an audio player. The foremost interesting thing about it the UI. Rocks Video Player makes it look and feel easy. It also has gesture support — you'll actually increase/ decrease volume or brightness, just with a swipe of a finger. It supports many formats, but the convenience of use is simply beyond amazing on this one. This is often one video player that will actually make the simplest of your phone’s display.

Formats supported – Rocks Video Player supports all of the most popular video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MP4V, WMV, MP4V, WAV, WMV, DAV, MPG, MPEG, and DAV formats. You can easily download your favorite videos to your device to play later. 

2. MXPlayer:

MXPlayer is one of the simplest music players you'll see, regarding general performance. The simplest thing about the MXPlayer is that it offers quality playback and is extremely simple to use. Distinctive features of the MXPlayer are it supports hardware acceleration on single, dual, and quad-core processors. It also supports subtitles and subtitles gestures. Another amazing feature is Kids lock which allows you to save content from the youngsters, which you don’t want them to ascertain. The MXPlayer also works on various devices, including Google TV, Zoom, etc. 

3. MoboPlayer:

If you would like a video player that not only plays your videos but also streams videos online, you ought to choose MoboPlayer. MoboPlayer offers steady and stable playback. It supports various formats, supports subtitles, and most significantly offers video streaming. The video player UI is additionally great and straightforward to use. You’ll actually set the playback format consistent with your convenience. There’s also a library management mode, which allows you to manage the library with a canopy flows view. A floating window mode allows you to easily multi-task. 

4. VLC Beta:

VLC is the foremost popular video player out there. Thanks to its capability to play various formats easily. The VLC Beta has been within the Beta for much too long but remains counted among the foremost dependable players since it gains its reputation from the famed PC player. Distinctive features besides the trusted reputation, VLC media player offers hardware decoding for a mess of devices, which makes it your go-to video player if you own multiple devices. A bit like the PC player, the VLC Beta also supports multi-track audio and subtitles. It also plays a huge range of audio codecs, whether it's H.264 or MP4. Though it's in Beta, the VLC player remains a stable one. 

5. BS Player:

BS Player’s point-in-favour is its simplicity — the interface of BS Player is very straightforward to handle. Distinctive features BS Player is formed for the performance-hungry video-watcher, its support for single, dual, and quad-core processors, and even supports ARMv6 and ARMv5 devices. This is often one app, during which they need to load most of the features you would like, right within the free version itself. The sole Quid Pro Quo is the ads, which you'll get obviate within the paid version. 

6. QQPlayer: 

QQPlayer works well as a feature-filled video player. It has a neat and user-friendly UI. QQPlayer can play not just a spread of video formats like MPV, MP4, 3GP, etc. but also 3D videos. It also can stream videos online and show lyrics of the songs that you simply are playing. You’ll also take screenshots while playing videos. You’ll also create and edit videos, and convert video and audio files. The UI is definitely customizable. QQPlayer may be a player that was firstly a PC player, like VLC, which is why it's such a lot of customizability. 

7. VPlayer: 

VPlayer is actually a geek’s video player with features like hardware-accelerated decoding and hardware and software. VPlayer is an all-round video player that has incredible software and hardware support. It renders a spread of file types. Whether it's hardware codec like H.264, H.263, or software codec. This video player supports almost everything out there. The app supports audio tracks and streams videos from the internet. Support for internal subtitles is additionally there. You’ll also stream videos from YouTube and Vimeo. 

8. mVideo: 

mVideo Player is something designed for users who don't have time for sophisticated video players. Distinctive features mVideo Player is one among the foremost simply designed video player and doesn't offer an excessive amount of customization. But it actually does well for the simple-minded user, who just wants to observe his videos and obtain it over. I would actually rate it together as the simplest designed video player. It’s subtitle support and more importantly, playlist support. You’ll save your playlists, which might be beneficial for long journeys. But that’s not all, you'll actually bookmark videos. So, for instance, if you run short on the battery while playing a video, you'll place a bookmark in it then; start right at an equivalent place, when your device is charged. 

9. GPlayer:

If you're into multitasking, this is often the video player for you. The best feature of the GPlayer is the floating window feature, which allows you to do far more while watching videos. The paucity of your time in today’s life is such even a metro journey can't be spent just on watching a video — which is where GPlayer involves the rescue. But, that’s not it — you'll even have multiple videos running in multiple floating windows. You'll also set themes consistent with your preference and stream files online. The GPlayer supports multiple codecs and also throws in subtitles to the deal. If that wasn’t enough, it also features a cool feature called Group Play which can allow you to stream your videos to other people’s devices. 

10. Dice Player:

This is often the simplest player for MKV files. Why would you choose a video player, once you already have a video player? Dice Player is the answer there to the question. Dice Player works well and maybe a Digital Rights Management (DRM) equipped player. It’s smooth playback and great video reproduction. Basically put, low-end devices don't have support for MKV files. Dice Player works well for high-end videos.

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