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Top 8 Remedies for Losing Weight the Right Way
20 Sep 2020

Many people look for programs to help them lose weight naturally, safely, and the right way but never find the best answers. That is made worse when you consider the hundreds of advertisements and websites that sell weight-loss products and diet drugs without proper research.

With that said, there are hundreds of research-based methods that can help you to shed those pounds the right way. We have discussed these tips, tricks, and techniques in this article. 

  1. Do the Exercise You Love 

We usually think that the right way to lose weight is to follow lofty workout programs that leave us drained of energy. The reality is that exercises are just a fraction of what you need to become lighter and should not be strenuous.

It is advisable to engage in 150 minutes of moderate-intense and 75 minutes of vigorous-intense exercise per week. These can play a role in ensuring you lose weight without getting into risk of gaining it in the future and make your heart healthier. 

The important thing is to look for a program you love to ensure that you follow it to the letter. You can even vary your workouts to keep it fresh and ensure you progress from one level to the next.

  1. Control Your Environments 

A straightforward way to help reduce weight is to cut on calorie intake, and you can do that by controlling your environments. That means stocking your fridge and kitchen with healthy foods instead of dining at your local restaurant. 

You should be aware of what you fill your plate during parties or even take a snack before you attend them. It is also recommended you wait for about 15 minutes before you get an extra plate; drink water as you wait. 

  1. Eat More Fiber 

Taking food rich in fiber can help you to shed some pounds. It is especially recommended you take food with water-soluble fiber since it can make you feel fuller. 

Fiber delays the stomach from feeling hungry and encourages the production of satiety hormones. This makes people eat less without even knowing they have reduced their food portions.  

Different types of fiber also help to feed our gut bacteria. These are bacteria that help to reduce obesity, and you can have the confidence they work optimally when they are healthy. 

Remember to increase your fiber consumption gradually to prevent abdominal discomfort, including diarrhea, cramps, and bloating. 

  1. Drink Water 

There is evidence that drinking water can play a part in weight reduction.  Drinking 17 oz (0.5 liters) of water can boost your calories burn by up to 30% for about 60 minutes. 

Drinking a glass of water before you eat can help you to reduce the number of calories you take, especially for older people. Water is also an excellent beverage that you can use to replace other drinks with sugar and calories.  

  1. Get More Sleep

Research has linked obesity to insufficient sleep and getting seven to nine hours of sleep can lead to weight loss.  

The research also showed that ladies who said they experience poor sleep were less likely to succeed in losing weight. Those who said they had a quality sleep looked more in shape.

  1. Supplement with Natural Diet

One natural diet that can help you to shed those extra pounds is the NAD + IV, especially when you get older and your NAD levels start to decrease. NAD is the second most important thing in the human metabolism system as it supports hundreds of reactions.

Boosting NAD through IV therapy or treatment can directly influence your metabolism and result in weight reduction. Doctors use NAD + IV to deliver high levels of NAD straight into your blood to give you energy.

The treatment also helps to reverse the signs of aging that often arise due to slow metabolism. You can also get NAD supplements through syrups and tablets, but that takes time to reach your blood, and you get less amount due to digestion.

NAD + IV also provides hundreds of useful nutrients and cofactors that help to improve your metabolism further. 

  1. Eat Slowly 

You can minimize the number of calories you take in one sitting by eating slowly. The science behind that is your brain takes time to realize you are full if you eat fast.

Research has also shown that obese people often eat fast. You should also consider eating with other people as that can help you to minimize your food portion. 

  1. Reduce Carbohydrate Intake 

You reduce the amount of sugar you take when you stick to a diet with low carbohydrates, meaning that you reduce your weight. Healthwise, low carbohydrate diets aim at providing you with whole carbohydrates, lean proteins, fiber, and good fats.

Refined carbohydrates increase the level of bad cholesterol in your body and inhibit metabolism.

The Bottom Line

You should focus on making a permanent lifestyle change if you want to lose weight naturally, safely, and the right way. Any person who finds it hard to follow these changes can benefit from speaking to a naturopathic medicine/doctor who can guide you on the right path

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