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"Recipes for Disaster" How To Make Long Life Foods Last Longer
23 Nov 2011
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A creative recipe book for young and Old

During consultation, it was found that many people (particularly the newer generations and young families) who were isolated during the flood event, were ill equiped with long-life ingredients in their pantries, and where minimal ingredients were available, were often lacking in skills/resources on how to provide (ie cook) for their families.  In comparison, the older generations seemed to have pantries stocked to last for at least 2 months, and were highly skilled at cooking with minimal resources such as power, fuel or access to shops.

Feedback from the SES, who were integral in the provision of food drops throughout the event, identified that the younger generation considered "Chips, Smokes, Candies and Beer" as an essential food item, and this caused problematic issues with regards to the physical space available on the helicopters/flood boats.

The proposed Recipe Book, funded through the Flexible Funding Program, will include creative recipes which require minimal products and resources.  It will also include a list of essential food and other items to have in stock in case of an isolating event, and a list of recommended essential items to be requested as part of a food drop.

This project will encompas the whole of North Burnett.  Members of the public and communtiy groups will be invited to submit recipes which meet the following requirements:1.  which utelise long-life ingredients (ie non perishables), 2. will provide tips and tricks on how to make ingredients stretch further and last longer,3. which will require minimum cooking requirements; 4.  require minimal power requirements - ie recipes which require minimal/no power, fuel or access to shops. 

This project was a result of consultation with the following Community groups:

- SES groups in the North Burnett

- Emergency agencies involved in the last flood event (eg QAS, QPS, Health Services etc)

- One-on-one consultation with residents requiring food replenishments throughout the event

- North Burnett Human Social Disaster Sub-Group

This project will assist with the education process of community members, and will assist with building self sefficiency, resilience and preparedness

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Feral Arts Wed, 23 Nov 2011 9:28pm

Sounds like a great project Trisha! Let us know if we can help out with the online side of things. We could help you set up a PlaceStories project to gather and share the recipes online. Also don't forget to tag the story with the relevant funding info!