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Why you should use Adobe InDesign as your mobile app builder
27 Sep 2020

Globally, Adobe products have been the buzzword in the design and creativity world. One of these products is the Adobe InDesign widely used to make posters, brochures, magazines, and all kinds of publications. Now it’s effortless for a designer to be creative and design interesting Adobe InDesign Apps. If you are using another software to accomplish the same, here is why you should switch to Adobe InDesign as your mobile app builder.

Offers robust interactive features

The design features that InDesign offers are incredibly breathtaking. With its extensive layout features, designers can create app pages for horizontal and vertical viewpoints. Adobe InDesign also offers responsive features to make the app responsive in any device and platform. No matter the device that your application users are accessing your InDesign App, they will find it very user-friendly. 

High-Quality Digital Content

Most app builder’s platform doesn't provide the capability to create digital content for your application. In this case, you will have to switch to another content creator software and then import it to your app. Luckily, Adobe InDesign saves you all this time, by allowing one to design high-quality test, graphics, and publications that you can use in your app. Not mentioning its typography, colors, and styling abilities, all these will give your app a touch of great content.

Enjoy cloud-based app tools.

Designing and deploying your app on the cloud is a huge time-saver. Instead of building essential application features such as analytics, messaging, and monitoring tools from scratch, the cloud-based tools have these already designed for you. You only need to include them in your app and enjoy the many benefits that come with it. If you are building your app with a team of designers, a cloud-based option makes collaboration easy, and you will be able to create and share ideas seamlessly.

Extensive support community

Adobe has made a name for itself, and you will never go astray with it. Adobe InDesign comes with the full support of online forum where you can ask questions, find answers, share knowledge, and learn for experts. Learning something new from them will help you to improve your app for the best.

These are some of the reasons why adobe InDesign is becoming popular for building interactive mobile applications. With some help from the Mag+ platform, you will enjoy the full benefits of your adobe app and monetize your creative content.

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