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The Achievements and Contributions of David Mejias for Fighting Injustice
1 Oct 2020

In the Long Island area, several legislatures are now in effect to minimize the occurrence of domestic violence and sexual offense; which is the result of the continued fight of the able lawyer David Mejias. He is a practicing lawyer, especially in the field of family and divorce law, and has been working as a managing director of his firm. He has own several distinguished cases that serve as a precedent for the attorneys of today. He is the current chairman of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Foundation. 

Education and legal achievements

Born and brought up in Farmingdale, New York, Dave Mejias suffered the misfortune of the untimely death of his father at the hand of a negligent driver. He has faced intense emotional and financial disorders in his family at that time and this became the driving force of his future legal practice. His clients have experienced and praised his approach of making the pain of them his own and fighting their cases with enthusiasm, strategy, and creativity. His prowess in the courtroom awarded him a place among the “Top Ten Legal Eagle” of his area. The contenders of this award are judged by a select group of peers of their profession. 

Legislations benefitting community

During his lawyer days, David Mejias has fought and won several cases related to custody maintenance, and child support and have overturned several pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. His firm is a known name for handling cases of domestic violence and has been recognized by the Coalition against Domestic Violence for fighting for the rights of the victims. During his days as a Nassau County legislator, he proposed the toughest Megan’s Notification law and drafted the legislation imposing residency restriction on child sex offenders. His efforts made the tracking of registered sex offenders by installing monitoring software on their computers easier for law enforcement. 

Fight against narcotics

One of the top achievements of Dave Mejias is the drafting and implementation of Natalie’s Law, which helped in establishing a mapped website showing narcotics-related arrests in neighborhoods and mandates about police alerting school districts about adjacent heroin-related arrests for increasing the awareness in public. His accomplishments have earned him a place on the list of “40 Rising Stars under 40” and recognition by a well-known authority as one of the 50 most powerful and influential people in Long Island. 

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