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Know All About Barcodes Including Barcode Printer and Barcode Scanner
7 Oct 2020

Today, the use of barcodes is ubiquitous. Staring from shopping malls, grocery stores to burger shop everyone uses barcode to read the product information. As the name suggests barcode is a combination of bars and spaces of different width which combines all the important product details in a visual pattern. This particular code represents several numerals and characters. It is important to notice that only a barcode scanner can read these codes. Barcode contains the information of the product’s price, manufacturing date, manufacturing unit, date of expiry, weight and other minute details. It is important to remember that every barcode generator generates different barcode each time.

The Barcode is nothing but an extended version of Morse code and the credit of inventing this system of encoding information goes to Norman Joseph Woodland. In 1974, the barcode came to commercial application and it was a chewing gum which was first sold with the help of a barcode scanner in a popular supermarket.

Benefits of using barcodes-

It is evident that commercial business houses used barcode for the first time for its operational efficiency and enhanced visibility. It takes the barcode scanner less than a second to read the bars and spaces. This laser technology provides the most accurate data feed to the computer and the chance of such a scanner making an error is around one in a million. Along with saving time, barcode devices are pretty inexpensive and almost any business owner can buy them.

Nowadays there is barcode generating software available on the internet completely free of cost. But, once you have a barcode for your product you will require the following two devices.

Barcode scanner- Barcode scanner or barcode reader is a device of the Yester century which converts the light into data with the help of a laser beam device. As the barcode scanners are directly connected with computers in retail stores, the data get stored in the computer in a decoded form. This device translates the barcode into numerical form

Barcode printer- This special device is used to print the barcode in form of labels and tags. These printers use thermal technology for printing such labels. There are two types of barcode printers – direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. The first one is less expensive but it doesn’t guarantee the label remaining intact when exposed in sun and heat.

Are you about to use barcode for the first time in your life? Google ‘ barcode Houston ‘ and you will see plenty of store options popping up who are selling devices like barcode printers, barcode readers and so on. Get in touch with any of them. They will clear all your doubts about these devices and help you choose your first barcode printer.


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