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What is the use of Fluke Clampmeter?
14 Oct 2020

A Fluke Clampmeter is basically an electrical testing tool which combines the basic digital multi meter that comes with a current sensor. This electrical test tool is mainly used for measuring current and the probes are used for measuring the voltage. 

Uses of Clampmeter 

A Fluke Clampmeter was used mainly as a test tool with a single purpose. But the modern clamp meters now come with more functions of measurement and also with a greater accuracy. You may also find the modern clamp meters come with a special measurement feature. Today, the Fluke Clampmeter that you will find also includes the basic functions of a digital multimeter as well. 

The clamp meters are a very popular tool now mainly because of the following two reasons. 

• Convenience- While a measurement is being taken; there is no need to turn off the circuit that is carrying the current. This is believed to be a great boost in efficiency.

• Safety- The clamp meters allow the electricians to bypass the method of cutting into the wire and then inserting the test lead of the meter into the circuit. This way they can take the measurement of the in-line current. But this method is considered to be an old school one. But now there is no need for the jaws of a modern clamp meter to touch the conductor during a measurement.

The clamp meters are mostly preferred for measuring the high levels of current as the digital multi meters are not capable of measuring 10 ampere of current for over thirty seconds or else it may cause damage to the meter. But the clamp meters can offer a minimum of 0 A to 100 A range of current. You will also find several other models of clamp meters that can offer a current range of up to 600 A.

Types of clamp meters

Mainly you will find three types of clamp meters which are-

• Flexible clamp meters- The flexible clamp meters are known to come with a Rogowski coil which can measure only alternating current. It is best suited for measuring in tight spaces.

• Hall Effect clamp meters- The Hall Effect clamp meters are capable of measuring both direct current and alternating current.

• Current transformer clamp meters- The Current transformer clamp meters can measure only the alternating current.

Whenever you are in need of things like fluke clamp meters and Hydrostatic Level Transmitter, it is always better to purchase them from a professional, reputable and trustworthy dealer. 

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