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Endless Hardwood Flooring Options Allows for a Classy Touch
17 Oct 2020

Hardwood floors offer timelessness and durability, making it the most popular flooring choice among so many homeowners. A variety of factors impact the performance and the aesthetics of hardwood flooring, so you must choose carefully and wisely.    

Board Types

Do not get confused with types while looking for hardwood floors. Idaho Falls has all you have to deal with solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. In both cases, 100% of wood is assured, but they differ on their advantages and disadvantages.

Solid Hardwood

As the name suggests, solid hardwood floors contain solid wood. A single shred of wood is used for making a board of solid hardwood. You can sand and refinish a solid hardwood board as often as required. A solid hardwood floor is permanently placed on a subfloor made of similar material or even plywood.

Solid hardwood offers a unique and gorgeous appearance, though the boards can contract and expand according to the temperature and humidity. So, you should consider not using solid hardwood in certain places such as the kitchen or basement. When you hire a professional flooring technician, he leaves a gap where the wall and floor meet, accommodating for contraction and expansion.

Engineered Hardwood

Multiple wood pieces are bonded together to make one board of engineered hardwood. Usually, the top layer is hardwood, followed by plywood or other types of wood beneath. In comparison with solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is less expensive and easy to install.

Engineered hardwood does not contract or expand with the changes in temperature and humidity. This feature makes it suitable to use in different areas of your house. If you are looking for a cost-effective and functional option for your flooring, then you can go for engineered hardwood.      

Finish Types:

Site Finished Floor

It gives you more control over deciding how the floor should appear and customizing the boards in any way you like is another advantage of considering site-finished floors. It needs a high level of craftsmanship and skill. Each floor has uniqueness and durability. It is also quite easy to clean site-finished floors.

Factory Finished Floor

If you want a cheaper option, then the factory-finished floor would be better bait for you. Professionals can install these floors quickly and quite easily. No dust, odors, or chemicals accompany factory finished hardwood floor installation, so you can immediately start using your floor once it is installed.

Before Buying

Order a little extra than your requirement. This is because the installer will cut the wood to fit the place, resulting in some waste. If there is any protruding wall in your room like alcoves or bay windows, you may require more wood. It is always better to stay prepared beforehand to avoid any problems during the installation.


Are you renovating or building a house? You need to ask yourself these questions before making any final decision. If it is about building a home and you desire complete control over the design, you can consider site finished hardwood floors. Idaho Falls has got you covered and will bring in the positive aspects and you can incorporate a nice look to your place. 

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