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The True Cost of International Schools in Malaysia
27 Oct 2020

The Ministry of Education in Malaysia oversees the functioning of schools in Malaysia. You can find public schools, private schools, and international schools that cater to the different requirements of the people. International schools are one of the most popular options among people, especially expats. They offer a wide range of curriculum ranging from models native to the US, UK, India, France, etc. Schools also provide internationally accepted accreditation such as the international baccalaureate.

Admission and enrollment procedures vary from school to school. Malaysian and International parents are sending their children to these premium international schools for a variety of reasons. These schools offer an international level of education. Such is often believed to be superior compared to the national syllabus that the public schools offer. They also make a smoother transition for students who aim to go for higher education in universities abroad.

If you look at international school fees in Kuala Lumpur, they will range from RM 6000 for Year 1 and can go up to RM 20000 for Year 5. But there are several international schools which offer the best education without costing a bomb. For example, Global Indian International School's fees for Year 5 is RM 6323.

Apart from the tuition, here are some costs that parents have to bear when enrolling their child in an international school:

Application and Registration: Once the parents have found the right international school for their child, they need to begin the application process. There is a fee for the application review and another fee when the application is accepted. This fee can vary from 500-1500 RM, and the registration fee varied from RM 2000 to 20,000.

Deposit: When the parents enrol their child, they need to pay a deposit apart from the term fee. This sum is usually close to the one term's fee amount, and it rises as the child climbs the grades.

Co-Curricular Activities: The cost of CCAs differ from school to school. Usually, international schools incorporate CCAs into the teacher's contracts. Which means that each teacher needs to teach a CCA one a week apart from regular subjects at no extra cost to the school. Since the school does not need to pay the teachers extra, the parents do not require to pay an additional fee for such activities. If the school is bringing additional trainers for extra-curricular activities, the parents might have to pay for such classes. But this is true, usually, for smaller schools.

Fee Bundles – Parents must take a good look at the term's fee at the beginning of the academic year. Some schools may only disclose the tuition, deposit and registration amount and leave out additional costs for technology, uniform, books, CCAs, etc. Such costs are mandatory and cannot be evaded. It is best to enquire about the entire breakdown of the fee that may arise during the year before deciding on a school.


International Schools are the best when it comes to education in Malaysia.

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