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Contribution of David Mejias to LGBT communities
31 Oct 2020

Dave Mejias, an eminent family law attorney of Milgrim, Mejias, and Alvarado LLC has recently joined the LGBT Network’s Board of Directors. His strong commitment to the LGBT community on Long Island is manifested in his activities. Mejias believed in the equal rights of all citizens. He worked in several programs with the LGBT community. It is largely because of his efforts that led to the success of several LGBT programs.

Role of Mejias in strengthening the LGBT network

He voices his opinion through articles and editorial letters. Mejias has played a significant role in resolving LGBT conflicts throughout the country. David came from a minority background and has always craved to be an advocate from his childhood. He is integral to groups facing legal bias. He spent his whole career in both law and politics. He fought for people who can’t fight for themselves. His mind is free from all sorts of prejudices. Needless to say, prejudices have an adverse impact on democracy.

Non-profit organizations like the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth (LIGALY) and The Long Island LGBT Community Center (The Center) comprise the LGBT network. These agencies mostly serve their local LGBT network. This network has undertaken several reformatory measures that are noteworthy in a true sense. Besides confronting the harmful laws, the LGBT network led by David ensures the basic rights of every citizen.

David as a family lawyer

Mejias is an eminent attorney of Long Island specializing in the arena of family law and divorce. He practiced law for 18 long years achieving name and fame. Presently, he is the Chairman of the Long Island Hispanic Bar Foundation. He was in the list of Top Ten Legal Eagle and was the winner of the Family Law category. 

David Mejias has won several cases relating to family disputes and divorce at Mejias, Milgrim, and Alvarado. He also served as a Nassau County Legislator and in that period he made all the necessary efforts to keep the children safe from trafficking. He took initiatives to install computer monitoring software on the systems of blacklisted sex offenders and perverts.

What sets Dave Mejias apart from other family law practitioners is his empathetic approach. He had faced financial and emotional turmoil in his teenage phase. No doubt, it made him a genuine human being above everything else. His contribution is not just confined to the LGBT network but also took initiatives to ensure the basic rights of the minority class.

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