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The Benefits Of SECR For Your Business
19 Nov 2020

Whether you are an energy consultant, or a business owner trying to cut costs, managing energy consumption of your business is very important. With the new SECR in place, energy and carbon reporting has been simplified. Here are a few ways how it can help improve your business energy usage.

What Is SECR?

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), which came into effect on 1st April 2019, replaced the existing Carbon Reduction Commitment energy efficiency scheme. According to this scheme, all companies will have to report their energy use such as electricity, gas, etc., on an annual basis. The main aim of the SECR is to encourage organisations to implement more energy-efficient measures which will benefit both the economy and environment. It also aims to increase productivity while at the same time, reduce carbon emissions. The SECR regulation has been made mandatory for all large businesses, including charitable organisations. Any organisation having more than 250 employees and a turn over more than £36m would fall under this regulation. Further, all private organisations falling outside of these regulations are encouraged to voluntarily report their energy usage in a similar manner. Exempt companies may have to provide a statement in their report confirming that they consume less energy.

Helps Identify Low-Cost Efficiency Opportunities

One of the main advantages of SECR is that it is designed to identify areas of inefficiency in business energy. By doing so, your business can rectify any wastage and thus save costs. Measuring your energy usage will help you monitor your energy use which can have a positive impact on your business.

Benefits The Supply Chain

Businesses are trying to look further down the supply chain to learn how supplier energy usage can impact the top levels. Some may even look for a business energy switch to reduce impact. However, with SECR in place, you will be able to offer a transparent and positive analysis of your energy and carbon usage. Thus, you encourage larger firms to employ you through greener procurements. 

Boosts Transparency Within Businesses

SECR aims at creating better synergies of reporting within a company. It also helps promote transparency within the business where the stakeholders can view how your company is using energy. This would help your business align costs, while at the same time, be aware of how you spend your energy.

Creates An Avenue For Change

An experienced energy consultant can create a good quality energy data report to help customers improve their energy efficiency. Based on this report, your organisation can make specific and vital changes that will eventually save energy.

Although the SECR regulation puts more responsibility on your business to measure and report your energy emissions, there are many advantages to it. It provides an opportunity for your business to pay out dividends very quickly, which would help in the future of your business. For more information on SECR and how it can benefit your organisation, get in touch with experts who have helped dozens of businesses keep track of their energy consumption.

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