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Why you need performance t-shirts for your team event?
25 Nov 2020

Performance T-shirts, as the name aptly suggests, are apparel that helps promote performance. This is especially applicable in the case of sports, or any other activity that requires a high amount of energy, strength, and sweating-it-out. The essence of these T-shirts is the fabric that goes into making them. 

Performance tees, be it any brand, have these characteristics:

  1. They are made from fabrics like polyester that helps remove the sweat faster from the surface of the skin. This is required for two reasons – one, since sporting activities invariably leads to the person sweating to a greater extent, it can all get very sticky and messy, if the moisture had no way to evaporate or move out faster into the air.

  2. The evaporation of the sweat drops creates a cooling and pleasant environment around the person, thus enabling better performance. 

What is so special about the fabric of the performance T-shirts?

  • These are specially made for a dry-fit ambiance.

  • Lightweight and soft

  • Durable and reliable.

  • The fabric is such that screen printing is easy. Even small embroidery work can be done with ease.

The teamwork of any kind calls for tees of this type. It helps the team grow stronger and bond better. Invariably, it is because the fabric is so very versatile that most sporting teams, or corporate teams order for blank performance t-shirts from good brands, have their logos and emblems printed on the tees, and distribute the same to their team members, be it as a piece of uniform or standard team wear. 

How to go about the process?

To ensure a reliable quality of performance tees, it is vital to contact a seller that specializes in the wholesale market. What it essentially means is that the seller should have:

  • Different brands to offer as a choice

  • Different range of fit, color, neck type, sleeves, and so on

  • Guaranteed quality of apparel

  • The potential to offer the best and the lowest price in the market.

  • The potential to offer a ready-to-sell inventory without any stock-out situation at any point in time.

There are credible wholesalers online that house the best of brands in this domain. Be it Hanes T-shirts, known for their incredible make with UV protection quotient and moisture-wicking technology; or Gildan 5000 that is one of the most recognized t-shirts, known for superior quality and make. All you need to do is research diligently and extensively to get to the right wholesaler.


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